Love never Lasts

Based on a true story.
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2. Just that girl

"Hey, where's Oscar?" says Vienna, as we rush out for break.

"No idea," I say through gritted teeth. Anne, Layla and Susha are following on.

"Why do you even want to follow him anyway?" asks Anne. "He was like, such a spaz."

"I know," said Vienna. "I need help with my homework. He's French, you know."

"How interesting," I say. "C'mon, Vienna, he must be at the library."

We run in silence all the way up the stairs and down the long corridor. We dump our bags on the side and bring our purses. I notice Oscar sitting on a table surrounded by a bunch of boys.

"Hey Oscar," says Vienna. "This is Flora. We need help."

"Oh yeah," he says. "Just copy my answers."

I was glad that he was starting to get sick of Vienna. He got up from his chair and made his way into the older readers section. I followed him and pretended to be looking at the hunger games, my favourite collection of books.

"Hey, like, are you in my class or something?" he asks.

Well thanks.

"Umm, yeah," I say. "What did you think?" I rolled my eyes and pretended I wasn't bothered.

"Oh my," he says, in a tone that wanted to make me sick. "Someone has attitude. I mean like, you just followed me."

"Did not!" I protest, but I realise he's smiling. I put back my book and look him in the eye.

"Look," I say. "Why would I follow a midget like you?"

"I don't know," he says. "Okay, just like, keep away from me, yeah?"

"No problem with that," I say, and he leaves. I groan, because I realise I've just bummed it between us. I turn behind me to go, but I see someone sharply leaving the section. I run up, and see that it's Hassini, the most annoying girl in the class.

"How much of that did you hear?" I ask.

"Well," she says. "Everything." and she runs off.

Well, isn't that just awesome?



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