Love never Lasts

Based on a true story.
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7. If I had 3 wishes

"This has got to end now," I mutter, storming into the playground, an inferno raging in my messed up head. I race to the table tennis courts, glaring at every person in my sight until at last I laid eyes on Oscar. Him. Oh my god, I thought, how could I even dream of doing this? I'm going to end everything that was so perfect, so real, when all I wanted was it to go on forever and ever.

 Though I have no choice. And it was then that Oscar caught my glare. I walked up to the him and frowned.

 "We need to talk. Now, Oscar." My voice was firm but wavered at the end, when I said his name.

 "About what?" says Oscar, through gritted teeth. I didn't know how I was ever going to forgive myself.

 "Don't act like you don't know," I say, actually mad at him for forgetting me. "You know perfectly well what they've been saying."

 That did it. He started shuffling around uncomfortably, his gaze fixed to the floor, his balance stepping from foot to foot. I felt guilty; like a murderer sucking the life out of someone. He must have realy hated me.

 "No, I'm sorry -"

 "Leave him alone."

 Out from beside him stepped Tammy, the girl I know to be this wannabe punk. Her voice was firm and deep, unlike my high pitched voice which was sad, wavered and prissy. I felt an instant stab of jealousy enter me, the venom running through my veins like a bullet. My fists were clenched but inside I was crying, crying because I should be the one on his side, looking after him, defending him. And what was I doing? Screaming at him.

 "Well?" she demanded. "Say something!"

 "Oooh!" chanted the boys. "Tammy and Flora are gonna fight!"

 "I don't want to fight," I said, but apparently my opinion doesn't count. People are already surrounding me, jeerinng at me and chanting us on. When I look at Tammy her frown is a smirk that makes my blood curl. Oh, what did I let myself into? 

 "Aww, you guys gonna fight for Oscar?" they jeer. I look at him, his big sorrowful eyes not daring to make contact with mine, his lips trembling, unable to make a sound. I want to scream, scream at him to say something, but the words are glued to my mouth, and all I can do is lip sync it. He seems to understand anyway, shaking his head very slowly but carefully. He backs away, isolating me in a crowd of people I don't know, and at this exact moment in time I want to kill him.

But we don't always get what we want in life.




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