Love never Lasts

Based on a true story.
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5. Do you deserve me

We walk into the classroom, me and Vienna. We are late. All the heads turn around, and I know that they're staring at me. But I have nothing to worry about. It's Oscar that should be worrying.

And so he is. He's at the corner at the room, standing like a sheepish dog, flushing red with anxiety. I sit down in my seat at the back, making no eye contact with Oscar whatsoever. I only know that if I do, my life will be over. I know that he's looking at me, because I can see his face slowly turning this and that way. People are giggling and laughing and mocking me but I don't care, as long as no-one knows that I like him. I feel sorry for him, in a way - it's not his fault that all this happened, it's partly mine.

No. What am I saying? It's his fault he came into my life. It's his fault that he ever got introduced to me, loved me or even saw me. I should avoid him, I know, but....

He's too good to be true.

I slouch down in my seat, wishing with all my heart that I could just sink down, going deeper and deeper until the floor ate me up. I guess that's not exactly possible, because I would land slap bang in the middle of the 7R form room, to make matters worse. I whirl my head round to face Oscar, and I know he's busy wishing the same thing too.

Why does love have to be so complicated? It's so easy writing love stories and how they meet and how it all turns out okay in the end, but the real thing is humiliating, disastrous and complicated. And so complicated still, even more complicated than the algebra our mathematical form teacher is explaining. 

I guess there's no point in thinking anymore. I decide to grab my textbook instead and look through it, pretending to be part of the lesson, but I'm not. I know I'm not, because the way I see things, I'm far far away in a world of hopes, dreams and utter fantasy.

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