Love never Lasts

Based on a true story.
Thanks to flora5499, starstruck, directioner_forever, directioner_4life<3, Laladuck and rockongirl2012, amaze123, choc-fan21 and amz rekum for featuring and supporting this story! Keep liking and commenting and faving and reading, I appreciate it! I would also thank Exotic for her positive feedback and support. Laladuck has also written a great version of this so check that out too, and also everyone I mentioned up there! Thank you!


1. First look

I look into those hazel eyes. It's hard to say no to that caramel, freckled skin, or that messed up texas style tie, or that dark Harry Styles hair. It's hard to say no to the fact that he's looking at me.

"I'm Oscar," he says, holding out a hand for me to reach. I hold it and relax in the warmth of his skin, but I realise that I have to look down because he's actually shorter than me. Well this is akward.

"Umm, well....hey." Who cares, he's okay all the same.

"Hey....." the boy trails off and looks at Anne. My heart almost melts but then I realise that they're perfect, the same caramel freckled skin, the same, messed up hair and the same attitude. I pretend to cough and then the attention is back at me. Noticing that our hands have been linked now for more than 20 seconds, he sharply pulls away and so do I.

I jump when the bell rings for the end of break. I head into the geography room and flump down on a chair next to Vienna. Everyone's pulling faces when we realise our seats are gonna be swapped but I secretly smile to myself.

"Holly next to Kian, Susha next to Priya, and Flora next to Bob....."

So much for getting my hopes up. Bob's just this hopeless idiot who's always -

"Umm....I..I'm sorry I'm late,.. sir."

"Not again Bob," says Mr Pascre, who seats Bob next to me.

"Oscar, next to...ummm....oh, Vienna. Perfect."

Well that's fair. We have to do this thing called talk to your partner and believe me, this is going nowhere.

"Maybe a zombie came along, and...and maybe he breathed fire and.... and burned down the whole glacier!"

Believe me, that's not the worst he can do. One morning he came into school screaming -

"I'M A SPAZ!!!"

Now he's singing gangnam style while I try desperately to block the terrible sound. But what's more terrible is that Vienna is trying to chat up Oscar. The thing is that when you like someone, you never want them to be with someone else. He looks around and I think he's seen me, but he hasn't. He's looking straight past me, like I'm invisible, not there. He's laughing, smiling, and this makes it worse because now I want him more than ever ; I never though I'd feel this way.

Does anyone feel different? Probably not. But then I realise that I can stand up for myself. I can be pretty, tall, confident.

And I've decided that if I want, no-one can have Oscar except me.




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