Tempted By The Enemy

(1st part of the "Destined For Each Other" series) Melinda Kapoor, 22, Indian/Egyptian decent, receptionist at MTV NY. Zayn Malik, 23, Pakistani/English decent, singer in boy band One Direction. "Marriage is the last thing to do when you have everything set in your life...Father knows best! You need to stop wasting all this money and start sharing it with someone worth it!"


2. Chapter 2

*2 Years Earlier*

"Christina, One Direction are here for their interview.", Melinda said through the phone behind her desk. Glancing at Zayn who was glued to the screen of his phone, she felt her heart skyrocket out of her chest. Melinda was a fan just not a huge one.

"Be down in there in 30 minutes. Things are running late up here. Ugh", she grunted through the phone. "Handle them please?", she pleaded.

"Of course...", Melinda chuckled hanging up the phone.

"Hello there beautiful.", Harry rested one hand on her desk, the other on his hip and winked at her. They didin't exaggerate when they said he was a flirt. "I like me an exotic looking girl..."

"Oh...wow....maybe you should keep looking then huh?", Melinda said with a faint smile and stood up to fix her dress.

She was wearing a cream lace dress comping up to her knees and wrapped a brown belt around her bust. She stood at 5'5 with her cream pumps. Harry pouted in disappointment she gave him an apologetic smile. "Would you guys like some refreshments or something?", she gestured kindly with a toothy grin.

"What's the 'or something'?", Harry asked cheekily with air quotations.

Flushing a red color in her cheeks, the words in her head wouldn't process out of her mouth so she pointed to the Krispy Kreme donuts on the table. Harry smirked a lop-sided smile and grabbed a honey glazed donut. The others helped themselves and she had noticed Niall took more than the rest. She gaped at him laughing to herself. She had noticed that Zayn hadn't flinched from his spot on the wall, so she took it into consideration to pour him some coffee.

'He's cute... more than cute. HE'S FUCKING GORGEOUS!!', she thought to herself.

Zayn disregarded the fact that anyone was in front of him and when she had made it to him with his drink he bumped into her. The hot black liquid that she was going to hand Zayn dropped over her dress. The stain started at her chest and stopped midway to her hip. Zayn didn't make any sudden movements to assist her. He stood there as if nothing happened...still gaping at his phone.

A tiny burning sensation began right above her navel. Her face scrunched up at the heat of the liquid seeping through the dress and onto her skin. "Um...its fine...its ok.", she said reassuring Liam with a smile controlling her inner anger that fumed in her heart.

All the boys except Zayn were trying to assist her and were continuously apologize on behalf of Zayn, "You guys its fine...being the professional that I am, I brought another outfit just in case stuff like this happens. Be right back." She left with a faint smile. 'Must act professional.', she repeated in her head.

Walking into the bathroom, she had stripped herself of her dress and began pulling her dark denim skinny jeans up her legs - she hated the struggle that came with it. When she had begun to finish buttoning her top she'd overheard someone on the phone. The voice was deep and the accent thick.

Peeking through the side of the door she seen that it had been Zayn, "Yeah man...I'm telling you she's doing it just for attention." He's probably talking about Perrie. She smirked and continued to button up her jeans. "The receptionist here...", her eyes shot open as if she just witnessed murder. "She's just trying to get with one of us. I think she wants to fuck Harry.", her heart was at her throat trying. She tried to swallow whatever was caught in there. "I think its trashy...you should see how she was talking to him and the rest of the boys.", she felt a stinging in the back of her eyes; her heart filled with anger and embarrassment.

How dare he accuse and assume her of such vulgar and fowl things? He didn't know her at all. She was being hospitable to them like she would with any celebrity. She looked at her reflection in the mirror, but seen nothing too revealing or slutty for that matter to give off any accusations.

She heard him mumbling again and got closer to the door, "DUDE HER DRESS WAS SO SHORT! I mean come on you can tell that she's Asian...who lets their daughter wear that shit?"

She heard enough and opened the door forcibly swinging it open. She gave him death glares. He stared back at her in shock. She heard it all, "Uh...lemme call you back."

He was about to speak to her again until she signalled him to stop with one finger. He said enough. "My parents are fully aware of what I wear. I dress like any other fucking girl in this city let alone this COUNTRY!", she said with a quiet, but intimidating voice that could only be heard by him. "I don't know who you think you are disrespecting me, Mr. Malik, but maybe you should recollect your actions these past 5 years!", she looked at him head to toe with disgust. "You talk about how 'revealing' my clothes are...", she said with air quotations. "...yet you cover more than me and still manage to get drunk, get laid and go partying more than any male in the whole entire world." She walked past him with her drenched dress hanging over her arm hitting into his shoulder on the way.

She turned slightly so that only the side of her face was visible, "Oh and Zayn..?" All he could do was look at her with knitted eyebrows and anger, "I'm half Asian...just...like...you." Those words hit Zayn hard in the chest, not because he felt bad or anything. He meant everything he said. It hurt him because she compared her past to his without saying much at all.

Her words sunk into his brain rendering him expressionless and speechless. He didn't know what to say or do next. He lowered his head not in shame that he had said it, but shame that she had heard it. He meant every word or at least he thought he did. Zayn was always judged for his actions. Him being a Muslim in the public eye all the time, he always had to watch what he did.

A receptionist being very nice to 5 attractive English/Irish boys... Slutt? Not slutty? He debated in his mind. This always happened at every interview - the receptionist hitting on one of them. He shook it off and walked back to the boys with his hands in his pocket. He seen her working behind her desk her glasses covering her flushed face focusing on some sort of paperwork.

Harry walked up to Zayn wrapping one arm over his shoulder, "Hey man, I want her..." He nodded towards Melinda and before he could finish his sentence Zayn looked at her.

Without thinking he shook off Harry's arm and walked up to Melinda. She looked up at him with furrowed eyebrows. She was confused until he did the most absurd most immature thing he could think of. He wanted to get her back for what she had said to him when she left the bathroom, "My friend wants to fuck you..."

Her eyes widened to the point where she thought her eyes popped out of their sockets and jaw dropped - she could've sworn she felt the carpetted floor. Nothing registered in her mind. Her heart sunk into her stomach. How could he be so disrespectful to another Asian girl?

Harry's face was just as shocked as hers had been. He hit his forehead with his palm. "Zayn, you fucking idiot!", he said under his breath.

Zayn heard him. "What? Isn't that what you wanted?", Zayn was consumed with anger remembering all the things she said to him. "Weren't you just about to say you wanted to fuck her?"

Melinda's face turned a light shade of pink as she turned to the curly-haired boy for an answer. Harry's eyes were sincere, "I'm so sorry...that isn't what I meant at all!" Harry's eyes once filled with happiness and peace were now filled with rage. He turned to Zayn with his eyebrows furrowed, "You should know better Zayn.... I would never... NEVER...objectify women."

Liam walked up to Zayn patting him on the back, "What has gotten into you, Zayn? You're not like this at all."

Zayn and Harry faced each other with rage. Their eyes were a draker shade than usual as they shot bullets towards each other with their stares. The tension in the room was thick and was soon interrupted by a light feminine voice, "I don't see how a man... wait, let me phrase that...boy of Asian decent wouldn't feel any remorse or feel ashamed of himself for that matter." She walked behind her desk pulling Harry out of the way so that she was eye to eye with Zayn, "How dare you disrespect me like that?"

Zayn couldn't say anything he clenched his jaw as she continued, "I'm doing my job and being humble. I'm a nice person so now that makes me some kind of floosy slut?" The fury in her boiled and she stood there calming herself down with deep breaths, "But its ok Zayn, because I am going to be the bigger person here... I have to be, seeing as I'm clearly the mature one."

Zayn mumbled something in Urdu under his breath and Melinda snapped her head around at him in shock. All the boys stared at each other in confusion. None of them understood, but they knew it wasn't good. He had called her a whore under his breath not meant for her to hear, but unfortunately she did.

Melinda's anger soon turned into pure rage as she walked up to him again. Right then she did the unthinkable. "WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY?". Fuck perfessionalism. The only thing Zayn felt was a hard impact to his face and his hands quickly reacted to touching his eye.

Harry and Louis quickly held Melinda back from causing more damange to Zayn's face.

Zayn stood there clenching his fists towards her; both now screaming in their native languages cursing at each other. Liam and Niall trying to calm Zayn down. Harry and Louis trying with all their might to hold and calm her down as well.

That was all she remembered.

*2 Years Later*

Shaking her head out of the horrible memory along with the nasty words said that day, "No...no, no, no. NO" She shrugged as if it was a dream. Was he really in front of her? Zayn Malik and marriage? Odd mix.

"Are you serious? You have to be kidding dad?", Zayn turned to his father.

"How about I talk to you over here for a moment, son.", Yaser had a stern expression. "Now..."

"Melinda..", her dad smiling at her signalling her to go to him. They went into his office and shut the door. "Melinda, I know you probably don't want to get married to someone you don't know and this is probably nerve wracking. I understand, but this family is a good family and very respectful." A laugh escaped her mouth, "Melinda..." Her dad said sternly, "Do you actually think that I would just throw my amazing beautiful daughter to just anyone?" She shook her head as a response. "You two will get to know each other. That's why they're here. I've given you everything you've asked for and more. All I ask is for this one thing in return... Try again, for me?", his eyes glistening with sincerity and hope.

"Fine, only because....", sighing she hugged her father. "You're the coolest dad in the world."

"The coolest?", he said his thick Indian accent echoing in the small room. Melinda nodded laughing at her fathers modesty.

Zayn and his father went outside into the balcony, "Look, you guys don't know each other and I understand how you young people don't like..." Hesitating, "Arranged stuff, such as this, but please try to get to know this girl. Her family is genuine and hospitable. Her dad and I have been best friends for years." Zayn rolled his eyes and his dad exhaled heavily running his fingers through his hair, "As your father I'd expect you to at least take this into consideration and try. If you don't like her we can break it off."

Zayn said with clenched teeth, "Fine...but if I don't like her..."

"I'll break it off, promise.", he said in relief.
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