Tempted By The Enemy

(1st part of the "Destined For Each Other" series) Melinda Kapoor, 22, Indian/Egyptian decent, receptionist at MTV NY. Zayn Malik, 23, Pakistani/English decent, singer in boy band One Direction. "Marriage is the last thing to do when you have everything set in your life...Father knows best! You need to stop wasting all this money and start sharing it with someone worth it!"


1. Chapter 1

"Melinda!", her father shouted from the bottom of the stairs.

Grunting, she pressed the pillow tighter to her face, "Urgh." She heard him call her name again this time he sounded closer and she pushed the pillow off her face, "Yeah dad! I'm awake!"

"Hurry up and come down stairs...I have to talk to you.", uh oh, that's never any good.

Melinda Kapoor, 22 years old, works in Time Square NYC at MTV Studios as a receptionist. She loves her job and who wouldn't? She meets celebrity clientele everyday. Of course she kept the screaming and freaking out to a minimum, but all in all she loved it. She had been working there for a couple of years; her boss said she had a 'fresh face' and 'hip trend' to her. Basically she had the attitude to handle and welcome guests to the building.

Melinda is a Muslim girl of Indian and Egyptian decent. Her mom - Nadia Hassouni, born in Cairo Egypt raised in Bronx, New York - worked as a pharmacy technician in the busy city streets of Brooklyn, until she met Vikram Kapoor. Vikram Kapoor - born in Mumbai, India raised in England until his father moved to New York when Vikram turned 17 - works with Mr. Trump himself; close business associates.

Now... You're probably wondering, how did an Egyptian woman end up with an Indian man? Well, Vikram isn't really a believer in 'love at first sight' or mixed marriages between different races. He was more of a traditional man - you know, full blood Indian man wants a full blood Indian woman. He wasn't racist or anything, he just wanted to stay traditional and within his country. Easier to raise kids with just one culture.

That all changed.

One day, he caught a very bad cold and went to the local pharmacy nearby his apartment. Walking in the store, he spotted a beautiful, exotic, black-haired, green-eyed woman standing behind the counter fixing his prescription...coincidentally. Just one look was all it took for his breath to be knocked out of him. Then after a few more encounters and chats, he realized that an Indian woman was what he'd wanted, but she - Nadia Hassouni - was what he needed.

It all happened because of fate.

A year after marriage came Melinda their spontaneous, blunt, intelligent, lovable daughter...

"Ooof.", she fell off her bed struggling to unwrap herself from her duvet. Did I mention poised? She rubbed her head while picking herself up from the floor. Good thing her carpet was fluffy.

Her daily routine: shower, blow dry hair, make up and breakfast. Today's outfit consisted of a black fitted dress with a red belt tightly around her bust. Simple red and cheetah printed bangles hung from her wrist and she completed the look with her red pumps. She wore light makeup accenting her big almond-shaped light brown eyes and accenting her jawline with her jet black hair in huge wavy curls. She was expected to dress business casual with a youthful twist. If it was up to her she'd be wearing sweats and a tank top.

Sprinting down the stairs with her leopard print clutch in one hand and red stilettos in the other. She wondered what it was that her father was going to speak about. She knew it had to be something important. At the dining table sat her dad reading the newspaper and two younger siblings; Aliyah, 17, high school student and Jay, 10, elementary student.

Jay glanced up at his big sister and snickered. "Oh you're in for it.", he teased eating his toast.

"Oh be quiet...", she stuck her tongue out to him sneakily so that she wouldn't get caught by her parents. Very lady-like. She sat down grabbing some juice, "So, dad....whats up?"

He placed his newspaper down on the table and looked up at his beautiful daughter. He meant business. "Melinda, honey...", her attention was towards him. "...you're 22, independent, educated and successful. You've blossomed into a beautiful woman." A smile stretched across her face at the compliment. "But...", her smile was cut short. "I think it's that time in your life for something more...helpful."

-Meanwhile in Bradford, England-

Zayn Malik, pop superstar member of One Direction who is now 23, had just gotten back from touring in Australia and New Zealand for their fifth album. One Direction had reached countless acheivements throughout the years and have elevated to higher accomplishments that have never been reached by any boy band in the history of music. Zayn was on a high that he couldn't ever be shot down from, until now.

Zayn dropped his luggage in the bedroom he use to sleep and change in everyday before being placed in One Direction. He looked at it all... skeptical of everything around him. If you asked Zayn a few years ago where he'd see himself in 5 years, he would've never begin to guess it would be on top of the charts or on the walls of every teenage girl in the world's bedrooms. In his room lay countless awards and plaques symbolizing his success.

"Son, I want to talk to you briefly!", Yaser - Zayn's dad - called out for him.

Before he could unpack and rest from jet lag, he walked to his living room where his father had been watching TV. "Vas happenin'?", Zayn wiggled his eyebrows with a smile.

A chuckle escaped his dads mouth, "Sit down for this.." He patted the cushion next to him on the sofa. Zayn followed his orders and sat down with an odd feeling in his stomach, "Son...I think you've reached that time in your life where you need to settle down."

"Dad, I'm not going to quit my job.", Zayn huffed looking at the TV screen mindlessly.

With a stern expression his father continued, "Zayn, I'm not talking about quitting. I'm talking about moving forward in your life..."

Melinda's eyes widened at her father, but in her heart she was expecting this talk soon, "You want me to get married?"

Her father nodded absent mindedly picking up his newspaper again.

Zayn's mouth fell open and his head spun. Never would he ever even imagine his father bringing up this talk with him. "Marriage?", he said in shock.

His father's face was plastered with a grin, "I have found someone already..."

"I guess I kinda was expecting this talk, but not really this soon.", his hands were clasped together resting on his thighs. "Pakistani?", Zayn fell back resting his head against the soft cushion of the sofa running his hand through his hair messing up his signature quiff.

"Um...yeah... Not exactly....no.", he said flipping through channels in the television.

Zayn's eyes instantly opening, "You're joking?" He felt a wave of apprehension flow through his body. Not Pakistani? Then who else? Who in the world would be arranged with Zayn other than a Pakistani girl?

"Dad, are you serious?", Melinda said talking with her mouth full of toast. "Marriage? To who?"

"He's Pakistani. From England. He's extremely good looking and is very financially stable. I know his father from a long time ago and he's really nice! Well respected too.", her dad said aimlessly looking at the newspaper in front of him. He took a sip of his coffee.

She sighed taking another bite of her toast, "Alright...when are they coming?"

"In a week!", he said with a serene facade.

"When are we meeting?", he said twiddling his thumbs.

His father looking at him eye to eye, "So, that means you're sure about this?" Zayn nodded his head closing his eyes. Was he sure? No, he didn't know but he wanted to give it a shot. "Well we're leaving in a week to America. The girl lives in New York, but this is only for you two to see if you're compatible with each other."

'New York. Wow.', Zayn thought to himself.

Both of their fathers were laid back and modern to certain degrees. They always taught their kids to be aware of themselves and trust their own decisions. None were strict whatsoever. What kind of parent would they be if they put a leash and monitor on them at all times? How were they supposed to learn?

Trust and support was their logic and way of raising their children.

Melinda got the freedom she deserved. She didn't live the stereotypical life of a Muslim and Indian girl. She was expected to be married at 18 to some guy who worked as some sort of engineer and have 2 kids by now, but she was making something of herself. She had a lot to give to the world and her father knew that. Vikram agreed to everything she had asked from him. She got to hang out with her friends (male and female) whenever she wanted. Of course with the freedom came guidelines - there was the whole no dating, drinking, partying and premarital sex (her being a Muslim woman). All Vikram wanted was just this one thing in return; for his daughter to trust him when it came down to this serious stuff...marriage.

Zayn got his freedom as well, but unlike Melinda he had his past... What guy didn't? Yet he was older now and that meant moving forward to a better future. He cleaned up his act by not quitting smoking, ceasing the drinking or the excessive late night partying. His reputation in the Asian world wasn't so...honored and he owed it to his father to fix that. He hadn't had a girlfriend or any sexual contact with a female in 2 years. The last one was his fake relationship with Little Mix member, Perrie Edwards, which didn't end so beautifully. After cleaning up his act, he left it to his dad to find the right girl to lead him to the right direction for the rest of his life; his future wife.

A week had passed by with a blink of an eye and everyone in Melinda's house were cleaning and cooking readying themselves for their special guests. Melinda sat in her room nerves suddenly kicking in as soon she heard the front door open, "Awe Vikram! I haven't seen you in years!! You still look the same..." She heard an older man talking with a British accent and the nerves that rested in her stomach rose to her chest.

Melinda didn't know anything about this boy. The only thing she was told is that he was Pakistani and from England. Score! She got someone with an accent.

"He better be cute", she muttered to herself clipping her earrings on.

She kept it casual; black pencil skirt, black stiletto pumps and hot pink and black paisley floral top. Her daily makeup consisting of MAC foundation, some eyeliner and mascara darkening her long curly lashes. She had her hair in her regular massive curls.

"Melinda!", her mothers voice rang through the empty halls. "Come down!!"

One last coat of lip gloss and she was ready to go.

Butterflies were floating in her stomach as she hesitated to turn her knob. Inhaling and exhaling trying not to forget how to breathe she finally gathered up the courage and opened the door slowly. She walked down the stairs carefully preventing herself from falling down them. Her nerves in her stomach were much more intense with each step she lowered. Once her heels made a clicking sound on the hard wood floor, she felt a pain in the pit of her stomach.

Hesitantly she walked over to her mother who was sitting down with a white woman. Confusion struck her, "Hi mom...?"

Her mom turned to look at her grown daughter, "You look beautiful habibty! (my love in Arabic)"

Melinda returned the smile and was about to ask her next question, until she heard a voice. She heard a deep thick British accent from behind her, but she stood there contemplating if she should turn around. Her heart sky rocketed at the heavy tone he had when he spoke once more.

Not bad... Not bad at all.

Near the living room, he was drinking some tea having a chat with his father and Vikram. Yaser and Vikram both lost in their conversation after a few years of absence with each other, hadn't notice Zayn going off into his own world. He seen the back of the voluptuous figure before him. Her heels accenting her long tan legs. There was a slit in the back of her tight form fitting skirt. The skirt revealing her round hips interested Zayn immensely. He felt his pants grow tighter as he squirmed in his chair... He hadn't had any in a while. He managed to control himself and exhaled deeply. Then his eyes grew wider as she turned around to see him staring at her.

Melinda was now facing her groom-to-be and was just as wide eyed as he was. Heat rushed to her face as her cheeks flushed a bright pink, because she noticed he had been checking her out. Both parents stood frozen as they noticed their children walking towards each other. Both stopping a respectable distance away, "WHAT THE...?" They both said in unison shocked to see each other.

"Wait...", Aliyah said confusedly. Her and Waliyah turned to each other with the same perplexed expression on everyone's faces. "You two know each other? Like personally? Cuz you know he's Zayn Malik from One Direction and all!"

Everyone stood there in silence waiting for what would happen next.

Melinda and Zayn were drilling holes into each others heads and shooting daggers to each other with their intense death stares. They both screamed in unison again, "YOU?"
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