Our first last first kiss

As Jenna takes a good vacation she runs into one of the boys In One Direction and they get to know each other after a couple of months of dating things get extremely complicated


2. When we met

We glanced at each other until I said " Hi"

" Hi" he said he was quite cheesy " I'm Niall Horan from One Direction"

" I am Jenna Kenney" I said I couldn't help myself but smile. We started to talk until the boy from the hotel came back it was Zayn. Niall hollered him and the boys who were in the water to come meet me. Liam, Harry and Louis came out of the water. They all came up to me and stood next to Niall.

"Niall who's this?" Louis asked.

" I'm Jenna Kenney" I replied back. The boys all glanced at Niall with a smile on their faces.

" Wanna sit down with us?" Zayn asked me.

" Um...sure" I had a smirk on my face. We walked toward the place where Niall and Zayn set up the beach towels. We sat down and Zayn brought six chairs for us to use.

"Can we have a bon fire later?" asked Harry we all shrugged to say yes to him. The boys and I talked for five hours. I felt like I clicked with the boys. I never knew that I would really click with One Direction especially Niall. " Can we have a bon fire now?" Harry asked. It seemed dark enough for one. Then all of the sudden I remembered about my mom and dinner.

" What time is it?" I asked concerned.

" It's 6:24" Zayn responded.

" Oh i'm so sorry guys as much as I wanna have a bon fire with you I can't sorry" I said as I was running away. I got into the hotel lobby and ran upstairs on the elevator. Then I got into my room and ran directly into the shower. Then I heard someone walking in.

" Dinner starts in two mintutes." Said my little sister Makaylah " you know how mom is about time sissy." That's her name for me because she couldn't pronounce sister when she was little.

" I know I will be right out!" I shouted to my little sister. I finally got out of the shower and ran straight into my moms room.

" You're late." My mom said.

" I know mom  I just ran into some new friends." I said.

" Well you were suppose to take care of your brothers and sisters at five."

" Why? They are your kids."

" Whatever. You were supposed to take care of them anyways."

" Like you said whatever." She rolled her eyes after I said that. I Finished my dinner as fast as I could. After I finished dinner I ran into my room and went straight for the window. The window had a beautiful view on the beach. I looked out to see if the boys were there but they had already left. Seconds later my brothers and sisters entered the room. I was pretty sleepy so I told them to go to bed. My three brothers crawled in one bed and my two sisters crawled into mine. I had a nice good dream about Niall. He was about to ask me something but I woke up to the noise of my mom knocking on our door. I got up and went to open the door but before she could even ask anything I said " No. I am going to explore London and you will stay here with the kids." She looked at me with a mad face. I went to my luggage and got dressed quicky. I zoomed out of the room and headed to starbucks. I finally got to starbucks and waited in line for a while. It was my turn to order. I ordered a tall white mocha. The lady told me the price, but I didn't have enought money for the drink. Then a man who was standing behind me said something.

" I will pay for her drink." Said the man. I turned around to see that it was Niall. I smiled at him. " don't worry I will pay for it"

" Are you sure?" I asked Niall.

" Yes im positive" Niall said " I will take the same thing." The lady gave us our drinks and we went to sit at a table. We talked for thirty minutes. He got a phone call. " Sorry I have to head back to the studio"

" Oh it's okay" I replied

" Before I leave can I have your phone number?"

" Yes its 555-555-0125"

" Okay" He said he started to leave but he turned around and asked me a question that I will never forget.

" If you're not busy later, would you go to dinner with me?" 

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