Our first last first kiss

As Jenna takes a good vacation she runs into one of the boys In One Direction and they get to know each other after a couple of months of dating things get extremely complicated


1. Vacation Break

" Jenna, Are you ready" my mom screamed which echoed into my room. We are going to London for vacation. I was happy to be away from home, we never go on vacation.
"Yes!" I reply back. My mom likes to be on time to everything. As we leave the house I remembered to grab my I pod. I like to listen to music and ignore all the screaming and crying from my brothers and sisters. We arrive at the airport. At the airport all I hear is screaming in the background I ignored it as we walked on the plane. Finally two hours passed and we arrived in London which is worse because as we walked off the plane the screaming continued. I ignored as much as I can but I kind of looked but all I saw was girls and girls. We went to a hotel which was nice we had to rooms my mom had one and the kids have including me. I slept with 5 kids it looked like my mom is on vacation I have been watching my brothers and sister for three hours. I had enough. I walked to my mothers room. And knocked until she opened the door. "What do you want" she asked as if she was annoyed.
" I'm tired if watching them!" I said as I pointed to my brothers and sisters.
" I am going to the beach"
" Oh there bathing suits are in their luggage"
" Why?"
" THEY ARE YOUR KIDS!" I walked off and went directly went to my room. I changed into my bikini and grabbed my towel. I had a nice peaceful three minute walk. As I was laying on the beach quietly. A noise disturbed me screaming girls ruined my quietness. I looked as they screamed and I saw five boys walking towards the beach. Three boys went to the water and the two other boys set up their beach towels. After the two set up one boy looked and me and all of the sudden they both started to talk about me which I figured because they kept looking at me. One boy went back to the hotel to get something. Then the other boy came walking towards me. As he came closer I could see who it was. This boy had flawless blond hair an sparkling blue eyes. It was Niall Horan from One Direction
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