Our first last first kiss

As Jenna takes a good vacation she runs into one of the boys In One Direction and they get to know each other after a couple of months of dating things get extremely complicated


3. our first date

I stayed quite and was suprised that a boy like him would ask me a question like that. I didn't know what to say to him I was completly speechless. I smiled and glanced and said nine simple words. " I would love to go to dinner with you."

Niall got cheesy and smiled and replied " Okay then text you the information" he smiled again and walked away.

As he walked away I was screaming inside. I made sure till he was out of my sight then ran off to the hotel . When I entered my room I screamed so loud im pretty sure that anyone could here me. I hoped that Niall didn't hear. I ran to my mothers room to tell her that I was going to be busy later. I didnt know what i was going to where so I decided to text Brooke my bestfriend.

Me: Hey Brooke please FaceTime me I need advice on what im going to wear later.

Brooke FaceTimed me right away

" Hey! You will never believe that i'm having a great time in london" I said

" Really you hate being with your family." She replied

" I know but guess what!"

" What?"

" I have a date later."

" With who!?!?"

" A guy but you will never believe me though."

" Try me."

" Okay it's Niall Horan from One Direction"

" No freaking way!!!!!"

" Yes it's true!"

" I'm happy but the question is what are you going to wear?"

" I have no idea."

" I have it. Remeber the dress we got online?"

" The blue one?"

" Yes that one you have it right?"

" Yes."

" Then wear that one."

" Okay I have to go."

" Okay bye"

" Bye" I said then hung up. Secounds later I recieved a test message and saw that it was from Niall.

Niall: Hey I'll Pick you up at 6?

Me: Okay. My room number is 27.

I had two hours to get ready for our date. I went through my luggage and pulled out the blue dress and My high heels. I went to the bathroom to take a shower and change into my clothes. After my hair dried I curled it half way up my head. I sprayed my best perfume and had twenty mintues left to wait for Niall. My mom had entered my room.

" Why are you dressed up for?"

" Mom I told you I was going on a date."

" But I told you that I needed to shop." She said as if she were mad. A buzz came through the intercom and a lady spoke.

" Ma'm you have a young gentle men waiting for you in the lobby." I could hear screaming coming from the intercom

" Well you're going to have to drag the kids along with you." I said as I walked out of the room. I went down the elevator and as I reached the lobby and the elevator door opened there were more girls than any other place they have been in. There where three security guards and behind them was a blonde haired boy with blue eyes waiting for me. He smiled as I stood in front of him. He pulled out roses he had behind his back and gave them to me.

" Are you ready to go?" Asked Niall with a smile on his face. I nodded my head yes and the security guard lead us out of the hotel. As I saw a taxi waiting for us. Niall opened to door for me and let me go in and then he hoped in the taxi. The taxi driver knew where he was going as he drove away. It was Niall's way of saying it's a secret to where we are going. Niall looked at me the whole car ride there to where we were going. It was a thirty minute drive to the place. We arrived at the restaurant. I didn't catch the name of it. We entered through the doors and a lady came up to us. She said

" Welcome to Marty's Kitchen, any reservations?"

" Yes it's under Niall Horan."

" I found you okay Follow me to your table." The lady lead you to our table. She placed to menus down and walked away as we sat down. Niall could not stop smiling at me and niether could I. A man came up to us and asked for drinks and walked away, and came back minutes later and asked for our orders for food. He took the orders again and went back to the kitchen

" So how was your day?" Niall asked.

" It was good and you?'

" It was bad until I saw you at starbucks and then you said yes to this date." He said with a huge smile on his face. I couldn't help but smile back.

" That's good."

" Yea it is so how are you feeling?"

"  I'm doing good and you?"

" I'm doing fine." He said. We were interupted by the waiter with our food, He put our plates down then left us to our talking. We finished eating and Niall payed the bill. Then he questioned " So what do you want to do now?"

" Umm.. I dont know?" I said

" Do you want to go to the movies?"

" Sure."

 " Okay lets go." He replied with a smie at the end. We left to go to the movies. We decided that we were going to watch to watch a scary movie. He didnt tell me which one. The movie was in the middle then Niall asked " If you get scared just cuddle next to me i'll protect you."

I moved in next to him and stayed that way till the end of the movie. The movie finished and we headed home. We talked the whole care ride to my house. When we arrived at my house he walked me to my door then before I walked in he said " Jenna I had a really great time tonight."

" Me too." I said I smiled then he did something to me that no guy has ever done to me on the first date. He was walking away then came back and kissed me on the check.

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