Last first kiss

This is a Louis love story there is a girl call Rubi who hates one direction but her best friend Iva loves them what happens when Rubi's mum ends up being one direction new manger


2. Meeting one direction

Rubi POV

Once we reached the studio Iva jumped out of the car and ran straight to the door. I ran to go catch up to her "I can't belive I'm about to meet one direction only the best boy band in the WORLD"Iva said "okay let's go in." We held hands and walked in together we stood in front of the studio were we heard one direction recording there new single Little Things. We stepped in and saw one direction. All five boys stopped what there were doing and came towards us " hi were one direction" they all said together. "We know" Iva said back to them I rolled my eyes at them god there SO annoying.
Louis POV
"Hi were one direction" we all said together "we know" said one of the girls I think her name was Iva and the other one was Rubi cause our manger is Rubi's mum. Rubi is so beautiful the way she wears her clothes the way she let's her hair down everything about her is beautiful I will make her mine but I also think Harry has a thing for her to
Harry POV
Wow Rubi is just beautiful and I think Louis and Zayn have a thing for her. "So Rubi your not a fan" Niall asks "no I'm not if we're being honest here u guys annoy me and your music" " if we annoy you so much why did you come" Zayn asks "because Iva here is the biggest fab evert and wanted me to come so I came cause she is my BFF" she answers. Wow if she hates us how do I make her mine.
Zayn POV
WOW WOW WOW Rubi is just amazing I have to make her mine I know that's Louis and Harry like her
Mystery POV
Rubi is so beautiful I have to make her mine I can tell the Louis,Harry and Zayn like her to so I wonder if she like any of us.
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