Last first kiss

This is a Louis love story there is a girl call Rubi who hates one direction but her best friend Iva loves them what happens when Rubi's mum ends up being one direction new manger


1. Do I have to go

Rubi POV

"WAKE UP RUBI" my BFF Iva screamed at me "what" I said "what do you mean what today were going to meet ONE DIRECTION thanks to your mum" Iva said a bit to loudly "do I have to go" I reply "yes u do Rubi please for me" "fine get out so I can change" " yeah". I slammed the door shut I really didn't want to go but since Iva is my BFF I have to go I change into demi black short shorts and a top that's says cute. I ran downstairs and Iva is all ready in the car I hop in and drive to the studio.

Authors note
Okay this is my fist story how do u like it so far no hate please.
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