A Red Rose

To me you sent a red rose in a letter. It was my heart.


1. A Red Rose

You have sent to me a red rose

Through this letter a flower

It is my heart not a rose

My dear darling, I am writing

To let you know


That your heart is more then worthy of me

There is so much love

Hidden in this letter

Like the countless number of pearls

In the ocean


If I was nearby

You would have kissed me

Through your letter

You sent me a rose

It was your heart


Did I share my dreams

When I was falling asleep

Dreaming of you

I had so many

Having fun and laughing


While whispering to me

And holding me tight

It was so full of passion

I needed it and wanted it

Just your love for me


In my dreams you came

You do every night

There was loneliness

For the two of us

Now I woke up


The dream could not be mine

I will not let you be lonely

Baby don't worry

I am the happiest

Girl in the world


I will bring music

Our love is growing stronger

Day by day

Never forget it, neither will I

I taught you to love


Like you did me baby

You sent me a rose

It is your heart

with this letter

Comes your love


Neat my heart

I am satisfied

We both are waiting for our eyes to meet

We will both be at peace


I have come into your heart

Now into your house as the moon

Lands in our compound

To you I am coming

It won't be long


I will let you know the day and hour

It will be such a night...............

Baby our night is almost here

How shall we meet

I will you and let you know


To join you I will leave

Then we can meet

Tonight we will be together forever

To me you are looking forward

I will come to you now


In your arms I will be

A letter to you I wrote

Soon you will get it

I have sent you a rose

Tgrough this letter


It is my heart


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