Never let you go

Hey, Im Emily, Im 18 years old and I come from Canada. I have a pretty fucked up life really. My dad left me and my mum when I was 3 and I have not spoken to him or seen him since. My mum passed away last year after being diagnosed with breast cancer. I now live with my dear old Nan. Im not that popular at school I have a very best friend, Amber and she is like a sister to me. I didnt really give a shit about relationships because every boy just treats me the same, but one night when Amber dragged me to a Bieber concert, my whole life turned around completely.


3. The Sail


I was so excited. I really wanted to get to know this girl, Emily. I wasnt wearing anything too fancy, just a white t-shirt and a black jacket and some black pants and some purple supras. I actually did order a limo, but it didnt turn up, so I decided that i would just get Fredo to pick us up.


I had absouletly no idea on what to wear. Fancy? Not fancy? Casual? I could ask Amber, but she seems to be a little mad at me, its fine though becuase i know we will make up, we always do. I decided to go casual but a tinsy bit fancy. I wore a little black mini skirt (to show off my legs) and a white singlet with little sparkly diamonds all over it, I wore black shoes with a little heel on them. Hey, I just realised, I didnt tell Justin where, I lived. Oh well, I wasnt gonna worry about it, he IS Justin Bieber for goodness sake, he will find out.


A big smile spread across my face as we pulled up into Emilys driveway. I hopped out and knocked on the door, it was a women with long blonde hair and bright green eyes who looked in her 60s. "OH, WOW, HI UM JUSTIN" she said very enthusiastically. I smiled, trying to make a good first impression "Hi, Im Justin, and I met your daughter at a concert she went to recently and I was just picking her up becuase we are just going out for dinner" I said confidently. "Oh I am Diana, I rember her telling me now, oh yeah and by the way she is not my daughter, i adopted her" she replied. I gave her a confused look as she yelled upstairs to Emily. "EMILY! JUSTIN IS HERE FOR YOU!". Emily looked absolutely gorgeous. "Hi" she said in a cute voice. "Alright then, Diana, I will look after her" I told Emilys`mum`.


We arrived at this big restraunt called The sail. "Wow, its so beautiful" I said. "I know, and its all for you and me" Justin said sweetly. Justin had booked The whole restarunt out just for me and him, what a sweetheart. It wasnt until I got out of the car until I realised that we were being chased by paps. It kind of felt like I was in a movie, i liked it. When we went in everything was so posh, it was all based on one color, blue. We sat down and only started on small talk, like the weather, but then Justin wanted to know more, you could see it in his eyes, he started asking about my family, my weakest subject, I reluctantly told him the whole story, how my parents died in a car crash, and how i was moved into a foster home and by the time I was finished my eyes had been washed out with tears, my mascara was running down my cheeks and I was just a big ugly mess. Justin was very sweet to me, he got a tissue and cleaned my face, he held me in his arms and started singing Be Alright to me.


The waiter came around and asked me what i wanted, I told him I wanted a spagetthi salad, Emily ordered a chicken salad. It came around almost immadiately and so Emily jumped out of my arms and started feasting on her dinner, she didnt eat very much of it. "Dont you like it?" I asked her eagerly. "No! I love it, its beautiful, Its just Im not very hungry" She told me. "Oh thats fine" I had an idea " Do want a piece of spagetthi?" I asked her. She said yes because she was very polite, another reason I loved her. She had a little bit of spagetthi just hanging out out of her mouth, and I leaned forward and grabbed it with my mouth. Emily let out a little giggle. We kept on biting this noodle until our lips touched each others. We melted in the most wonderful kiss and stayed there for a while.


We left the restarant, Justin payed! We were just walking down the street hand in hand as we pecked at each others lips. It was cold, I cuddled up to Justin and he gave me his jacket. It was lovely, I could smell his strong scent. We sat down on a nearby beach and watched the sunset. Justin was breathing on my neck, he got closer and closer until he was touching my neck with his lips, he started to kiss very passionately as we cuddled together. I wanted some too so I put my mouth on Justins neck and stared nibbling at it. We were both just sitting together on a beautiful sunset, kissing. We rolled over, so we were lying down, Justin grabbed the side of my face with his warm hands, and started bititng my lip, asking for entrance, he was let in, our toungues danced to the music of the sea.












Sorry guys, I can only update in weekends, but i will try my best to fit some in the weekdays



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