Never let you go

Hey, Im Emily, Im 18 years old and I come from Canada. I have a pretty fucked up life really. My dad left me and my mum when I was 3 and I have not spoken to him or seen him since. My mum passed away last year after being diagnosed with breast cancer. I now live with my dear old Nan. Im not that popular at school I have a very best friend, Amber and she is like a sister to me. I didnt really give a shit about relationships because every boy just treats me the same, but one night when Amber dragged me to a Bieber concert, my whole life turned around completely.


1. Meeting Justin


"Do you wanna be the One Less Lonely Girl?" one of Justin Drew Biebers crew members yelled at me over the loud screaming of teenage girls. I didnt know what to say. I cant believe they picked me. Like I wasnt pretty or anything. I had long brown hair that had a little tint of blonde in it, I had greenish blueish eyes with a little bit of hazel under my left pupil. I wasnt fat nor skinny and I have quite a nice figure but the one thing that I am proud to show off are my legs. I have the most beautifully tanned long legs. "HELL YEAH!" I yelled back at the crew member. He lead me onstage infront of 1000 people. I get nervous. Like really nervous. I suddenly froze. Justins crew member mumbled "Dont worry doll, your about to recieve flowers from Justin Bieber! Dont be scared!". I felt sightly more confident and sat down on the stool. Damn Justin is hot in real life as well as pictures. I wasnt really that big of a fan of Justin but right now I had the urge to just stick my toungue inside his throat.

"Theres gonna be One Less Lonely Girl" Justin sang to me. I was smiling my tits off. The song ended and I was directed offstage. Justin was backstage and he came up to me and winked a sexy wink. "Hey" he said in sexy husky voice. "Hi" I replied so shyly. "Your cute" He complimented me. "Thanks, your not too bad yourself" I said trying to sound confident even though it was obvious I wasnt. "Um..I gotta go back onstage now heres my number, Call me?" Justin handed me a white piece of paper on it with his number on it, he then gave me a quick kiss on the lips and ran onstage. God, hes tasty.


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