Switching Bodies with Louis Tomlinson



3. That kiss was everything

Okay Louis Im- I tried to say until Louis grabbed my face and kissed it. Louis! I said in the middle of the kiss.That kiss felt like everything. I felt backwards on my bed. His hands were beside that was the only thing keeping him up. The boys quietly left the room. I pulled back. Guys,Come back nothing is going to happen. i said. They all stepped in Laughing. Niall was saying :MWAAHHHH ,MWAHHHH! KISSY , KISSY! Zayn was making kissy faces. Harry was laughing so hard, Liam was just Laughing so hard that his laugh went silent and he looked like a seal gasping and clapping. I hugged Louis. Ohh Louis! I love you so much ,Thank you for saving me all of ..you! I yelled. I kissed Louis on the cheek . I kissed Zayn, Liam , Niall,Harry on all of their cheeks.I loved them so much , I couldn`t believe this was happening!

Zayn`s P.O.V

She kissed me and I wanted to melt. I`m falling for her, falling fast, and she hugged me. I felt sparks run through out my body. I wanted her to be mine... but for forever. I watched them to kiss and fall back on the bed , I was happy but I just want her to be mine. When I was making Kissy Faces I was just doing that , well for fun. I wished she kissed me like how she did to Louis, but even more magical, I want her and I want us.



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