Switching Bodies with Louis Tomlinson



2. After The Showers, Mid time hours.

Daniella`s P.O.V

Wow... I have some good abs though! I yelled. Wow wait! My house is next door! What if Louis is me! I got dressed into his red pants, his boxers, and his blue striped shirt. Guys I`m gonna go out next door. I said to Zayn,Liam,Niall,and Harry. Why ? They said like a choir. Okay guys, I said sitting down on the couch. I`m not Louis. My name is Daniella and My house is next door. Louis Stop it! I know what to do if I`m supposedly the "real" Tommo Harry kiss me and If I pull back i`m lou, if I don`t  I`m  Daniella. I said that for an excuse so Harry could kiss me, I love him so much! Okay! We kissed making our heads bob back and forth. OKAYY NOWW!! Zayn yelled as the kiss got rougher. We broke it off. Okay that`s a girl! Harry yelled . THAT KNOWS HOW TO KISS A GUY! he added. "Thanks Harry" I said while blushing. Okay how did this happen Daniella? yeah I never heard something like that before, and it must`ve been awkward in the shower wasn`t it Daniella? Niall asked. YES Niall it was very odd! I said. Okay well.... I`m a a 19 year old girl ,who is a huge fan or a directioner,  a mysterious Lady asked me who was on my mind and Louis was,and  she asked if I loved him and I said YES! OF COURSE I do! She then grabbed my hand and said some words and the she said : Tomorrow there will be a shock , that lasts a day, don`t worry ,its okay. And then she vanished! I explained to them. Wow that`s really weird ! Liam said. Wait the same thing happened to Louis last night, he said he saw a girl with black hair down to the middle of her back and she was cute and he couldn`t stop thinking about her thats what  he told us after it happened. Zayn said. Can we come with you, I wanna see how hot you are, and also see Lou. Harry Said. Okay come on! Niall Locked the door. I opened my house door. Okay guys I live alone, so go free ! I said. We ran upstairs and I found Lou. I FOUND HIM! I yelled.


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