Switching Bodies with Louis Tomlinson




Daniella`s P.O.V

"That one direction concert was just crazy,last night". I said laying in bed with my eyes closed. I Then got up to do my morning schedule , like take a shower, brush my hair, brush my ,get dressed, eat breakfast and go to Starbucks, then off to college. I walked into the bathroom and screamed. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I then covered my mouth. "Why am I Louis Tomlinson?" I mumbled as my hand muffled my voice. I had like a happy but confused freak attack. *Knock* *Knock* I heard on the wooden door. I creaked the brown door open just a little until I saw the 4 guys of one direction. "LIAM, ZAYN ,HARRY,NIALL!" I said hugging them. Niall looked at me with a face. "Louis You okay?" He said with a confused smirk. Damn it! I forgot i`m "Louis Tomlinson" I said in my head . ''You scared us mate , we thought you were hurt or in trouble''. Liam said with a smile. ''Well I`m not so i`m gonna take a shower.'' I said , doing a Louis Tomlinson light smile. ''I`ll come in with you!'' Harry yelled smiling cheekily. I wanted to say okay! But I couldn`t . He was already like half naked , he only had underwear on , surprisingly . ''Haz''! I yelled. I  shut the door. Oh My God i`m taking a shower in Louis` Body, That means Umm : O.O


Louis` P.O.V

Harry? Harry? Harry? Haz! I yelled. What The hell? I said looking in the mirror. Why am I a girl , and I have a girl cell phone. COOL I HAVE BOOBS! I screamed placing my hands on them . Up down up down up DOWN! I yelled Jumping up and down making my temporally jubilees jiggle and flop. And I have a great ass! I yelled placing my hands on my butt, slapping it like a cowboy. I look great in a bra , and shorts! I yelled admiring the girl I was inside. Well shower! I said. Oops! I forgot I`m a girl and I don`t know why but i just saw breast! Um I`ll close my eyes, well i dont have to  i could slip and fall ,and need LIFE ALERT!



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