Abnormal Girl

This is about a girl who has blonde hair and purple eyes. Yes you heard/read it.PURPLE! But when she meets 5 boys, Will her life change. Will she find her long-lost brother? And love? Also, will there be a love triangle? READ TO FIND OUT!


1. Not so normal routine

Today was the day. The day I started a regular school. But first I want to introduce myself. Hi my name is Haley Malik. Born in Bradford, England. Age: 17. Siblings: long-lost brother Zayn Malik. We are twins. same age, but separated at age 10. Also, I have blonde hair and purple eyes. Zayn has orange. The colors represent something immortal. But I like purple! And people make fun of me for my eyes. Zayn always helped me with the bullies:( I miss him. I wonder if he misses me.

Zayns POV: obviously my name is Zayn Malik. I'm 17 and was born in Bradford, England. I have a long-lost twin sister named Haley. I never stop talking about her plus I really miss her. And I'm in a band. One Direction. Ok so, on with the story!!:) today I'm going to school wit the lads. This is Louis' last year in school. But not for us! Anyways I hope my sister is here. We both have different colored eyes than everybody else. I have orange and she has purple.. Orange means that I'm a fire weilder. And purple is a storm weilder. I only told the lads about our powers. Anyways! I see this girl with purple eyes coming this way. What if its not my sister! What if its someone else. The possibilities are endless right now!
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