I Love You, and thats all that matters.

Anna Tomlinson is invited to go on tour with her brother, Louis Tomlinson. She later realizes that she is in love with Louis bestfriend, Harry Styles.


1. Time To Get Up

i was awoken by my older brother, Louis Tomlinson, this morning. "get out of bed lazy bum, mum has some news for you." he always calls me a lazy bum mornings after my gymnastics compitions. im always so tired afterwards, but i always do well. this one was different though, it was the first one that my brother had been to. and it just made me feel that i did a lot better when he was there. i qualified for regionals, and i placed first on every event out of thirty girls. i love my brother, he's my bestfriend. ever since dad died... he's been the only one there for me. mom is always out working hard, so i can have practice time, and so we have nice things, so mainly Lou is my care taker. I started eighth grade a few years ago, and that was the time i needed Lou most, bullies came out of no where, but it was mainly because my brother was from one of the most famous boybands, One Direction. even my bestfriend, Lisa, turned on me... she became madly inlove with them, and was jealous of me. well anyways, after i got out of bed, Louis literaly ran down the hall screaming like a little girl full of excitement. i dont know what he was so excited about but it must of been important, for him to be acting this way. so i rummaged through my drawers, found a pair of my yoga leggings from pink, a gymnastics tee-shirt, and slipped on my gray toms, pulled my waist long blonde hair into a messy bun. and headed outside to meet my mum and brother. i stopped by the mirror in the halway. i noticed my beautiful greyish blueish eyes... i look so much like my older brother.

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