I Love You, and thats all that matters.

Anna Tomlinson is invited to go on tour with her brother, Louis Tomlinson. She later realizes that she is in love with Louis bestfriend, Harry Styles.


2. The Big News

As i walked out side to my mum and brother, i noticed the biggest smile on Louis face. what could this news be? if louis loves it then im sure i will, because we pretty much are the same... hes just four years older than me... i just graduated highschool, and this summer he's going on his first tour with his band. man, im going to miss him. "Goodmorning sunshine." says my mom. "Goodmorning mum." i say. "So i guess your wondering what news your brother has been talking about." "Yes, yes i have." "Well, since he seems so excited about it, i guess i may as well let him tell you." "alright Lou, what do you need to tell me?" i asked impatiently. "MUM'S AGREED TO LET YOU COME ON TOUR WITH ME!" screams Louis. "WHAT!?" i yell so excidedly. "Thats right, your leaving tomorrow, so go ahead and pack. Louis, would you mind helping your sister? im sure shell want to pack all of her gymnastics stuff with her." says my mum. "No problem, arnt you excited Anna? we wont have to part over the summer! you can stay with me all summer, and i wont have to leave you! I love you sis!'' he said while embracing me in a huge hug.

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