I Love You, and thats all that matters.

Anna Tomlinson is invited to go on tour with her brother, Louis Tomlinson. She later realizes that she is in love with Louis bestfriend, Harry Styles.


6. Starbucks

"You look just like your brother." Harry said. was this a compliment? was Harry Styles complimenting me? "thanks i get that a lot." the only thing different is your height, age, gender, and hair. your bums a bit better than his too. just dont tell him i said that." he said winking. Harry is known as the flirt, but was my brothers bestfriend telling me i had a nice buttt?! everyone is always talking about how louis has the biggest butt out of everyone, but why would he compliment my bum? "haha, um thanks?" i said confusingly. "whats wrong love?" "its nothing, i just feel weird talking to my brothers bestfriend like this... i barly know you. i mean your cute, and sweet, and everything but i just do-" and then he kissed me! HARRY STYLES KISSED ME!

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