I Love You, and thats all that matters.

Anna Tomlinson is invited to go on tour with her brother, Louis Tomlinson. She later realizes that she is in love with Louis bestfriend, Harry Styles.


3. Packing

"Yes i am excited, Louis.." i said with my voice trailing off. "Whats wrong, Anna, arnt you excited that you get to come with me?" "Yes, its just i dont see why your bringing me... this is your time to shine, its your life... not mine, you shouldnt be spending your stardom protecting me... why would you want to take me?" "Well paul allowed us all to bring one guest... Zayns bringing Perry, Liams bringing Danielle, and im bringing you!" "Why wouldnt you take El though? shes your girlfriend of one year, Louis!" "Yes, but i am bringing my bestfriend with me. thats you. i love you anna... i dont know where i would be without my sister. Eleanors allowed to tag along, she just cant stay everynight, now lets finish packing... we leave at 6 AM tomorrow."

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