I Love You, and thats all that matters.

Anna Tomlinson is invited to go on tour with her brother, Louis Tomlinson. She later realizes that she is in love with Louis bestfriend, Harry Styles.


4. Leaving

I cant believe im going on tour with One Direction... im so excited! ill get to meet so many new people, and maybe ill even make some new friends! Im at the airport right now. i have like five suitcases, one is holding all of my gymnastics leotards, grips, tiger paws, etc. another one is holding all my clothes, my third one is holding all my gymnastics medals and trophies, and my fourth one is holding all my toms. i have twenty pairs of toms. thats all i ever wear. same with my brother... he has twenty one pairs... we are so much alike. so my brother introduced me to three nice guys... Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan, his band members. ive heard so much about them, but ive never met them. but wait.... theres five members in one direction... im missing somebody... curly hair? Styles? yes, his name is Harry Styles. and as soon as i realized that he wasnt there this gorgeous boy, 18 years, curly hair, green eyes walked out of the gate. he hugged by brother, this was harry.

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