Little things... The reason I love you

Meet Alex shes lives the worst life ever abducted by her dad he also sells drugs and is abusive. When new kid in class Niall horan asks her to home coming is this the new begging of her life


1. The begging

Alex's pov

I just got sent to a new foster home the 8th one so far it has been two years since they had my dad killed for drug selling he was always drunk. Today was the first day of school so I put on my nicest dress It was grade twelve I was nervous I bit my nails off seriously. My foster parent Lilly-Anne drove my to school. Lets get this straight it sucks everyone is exclusive and let me tell you I do not fit in here at all. A piece of paper is my guide to home room. When I entered it was weird everyone stared as I walked in. Mrs rubat sat me next to a boy named Niall after a long welcome
He was so hot it was awesome. He offered me a pencil-so sweet I must add.
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