Angels At Work

Amanda was an 11 year old girl who ran away from her abusive uncle. When she was 9, her parents died. She now lives in the woods and is hardly ever seen because she doesn't trust other people but the 3 things that keep her fighting are a locket her parents gave her with a picture of her family in it, a dog tag her brother gave her the night he disappeared,and the belief that her brother is out there looking for her. One night when she was hiding in the woods singing a song that her brother used to sing to her when she couldn't sleep, she was found by an older boy. She then goes to stay with him and 4 of them end up being the brothers she never had. And the last one ends up being the brother she always longed to see again. And yes! This is a One Direction Fanfic!


17. New act

Amanda's POV:

I woke up and walked to the kitchen.Niall walked up to me and grabbed my shoulders."two things,we rented a house to stay in while we're in Ireland,and do you know any remedies for a flu" Niall asked."why" I asked."Because,Liam is sick" Niall sighed.I ran to the room that all the boys shared and looked at Liam."Liam are you okay" I whispered.Liam shook his head.I pet. Liam's head softly."don't worry,you'll get better soon" I whispered.I examined Liam's greenish skin."it's just a little flu,here eat these and then take a nap" I said while handing Liam two white pills and a glass of water.I left the room and walked to the kitchen.The kitchen phone rang and I looked at the boys."I'll get it" I said while grabbing the phone."hello" I said cheerfully."hello,is one direction there" I heard Simon ask.i handed the phone to Niall."yeah" Niall said into the phone."okay"..."sure"..."cool"..."she'll love that" ..."okay,see you tonight uncle Simon" Niall finished."we're going out to dinner with uncle Simon,and we're gonna meet our opening act for the tour" Niall explained."is the opening act coming with us on tour" I asked.Niall nodded."oh joy,more teenagers to take care of" I cheered sarcastically.Niall smiled."how's Liam" Niall asked."good,he's taking a nap,he should be better in a few hours" I said."hey,do you wanna do something fun,jus you and me,like a bonding day" Niall asked."yeah" I said."come on" niall said while grabbing the car keys.We ran out to the car and hopped in.We drove to a mall and parked."now,we thrift shop,with twenty dollars in our pockets" Niall said."you are the greatest person ever" I said.We hopped out of the car and ran into one of the music stores.I saw a really pretty dark purple acoustic guitar."Niall will you teach me how to play guitar" I asked."yeah" Niall said while smiling.We bought the guitar and headed home.We climbed back onto the tour bus and sat down on the couch."hey,guys Simon says that dinner's in half an hour and Liam won't wake up" Louis said.I ran to Liam's room."Liam wake up" I yelled.Liam opened his eyes."we're leaving for dinner with Simon in thirty minutes" I yelled.Liam jumped out of bed and ran to his dresser.I ran to my room and grabbed my magenta silk dress with roses lining the chest and a black strap around the waist,I slipped on my black shiny leather open toed heels.I met the boys at the entrance to the tour bus and walked outside to the limo."I love your dress" Liam said."but your shoes are toats adorable" Louis said."never say that to me again" I said."Kay Kay" Louis said."I will kill you with a fork" I said.The boys all giggled.We drove in silence and looked out the window.We all jumped out of the car and walked into the restraunt.We met Simon at our table."so you're the famous Amanda I've heard so much about" Simon said."yes" I said while shaking Simons hand."boys this is your opening act five seconds of summer" Simon said while moving and revealing four boys."hello" the boys and I all said.Liam pulled me slightly closer to him to show the new boys that Liam was my guardian."hi,it's an honor to meet you" Luke said.I knew a thing or two about them."and who is this cute little girl" Calum asked while moving his hand to grab my shoulder.Before his hand could get within three inches of my shoulder I grabbed his wrist and twisted his arm behind his back,then watched him slowly fall to his knees."ow ow ow" Calum said.I let go of his wrist and apologized."sorry,but you crossed my kill zone,I'm Amanda by the way" I said."why do you have a kill zone" Calum asked."trust issues" I said."that's my sister" Liam said proudly.i giggled and we all sat down at our table."Im sorry about your arm,I'm a huge fan by the way" I said."that's good,we always love it when our fans try to break our arms" Luke joked.I giggled."well you can ask the boys,that's my way of expressing my fondness" I said.The boys laughed and I smiled."so what do you like to do in your spare time" Michael asked."mostly annoy the boys" I said.We all laughed."you're funny" Ashton said."thanks,I get that a lot" I said."so do you play any instruments" Ashton asked."Niall's going to teach me how to play guitar" I said."cool" they all said.I looked at Liam and he gave me an approving look."so,I guess we're going to be staying in Ireland for a while" I said."yeah,we're going there tonight after dinner I think" Zayn butted in.We sat and talked throughout dinner

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