Angels At Work

Amanda was an 11 year old girl who ran away from her abusive uncle. When she was 9, her parents died. She now lives in the woods and is hardly ever seen because she doesn't trust other people but the 3 things that keep her fighting are a locket her parents gave her with a picture of her family in it, a dog tag her brother gave her the night he disappeared,and the belief that her brother is out there looking for her. One night when she was hiding in the woods singing a song that her brother used to sing to her when she couldn't sleep, she was found by an older boy. She then goes to stay with him and 4 of them end up being the brothers she never had. And the last one ends up being the brother she always longed to see again. And yes! This is a One Direction Fanfic!


11. He Broke My Heart!

Amandas POV

I sat on my bed bawling my eyes out then I heard a knock at my door. "Amanda it's me! Please let me in!" Liam begged. I walked over and opened the door. "He broke my heart Liam! He broke my heart!" I said."Shh! I know. Just let it out." Liam said hugging me."You were right go ahead say it." I said."Say what?" Liam asked. "I told you so." I said. "Amanda I'm not gonna say that just tell me exactly what happened." Liam said sitting down on my bed."Well when we were hugging I read his text and it was some girl named Nickole asking for him to dump me already!" I said. "Shh! It's ok just let it out." Liam said. "He was my whole life! He was everything to me!" I said. "You've still got Niall, Louis, Zayn, Harry, and me!" Liam said. "You're right. But I can't believe he did that to me!" I said. "Hey any guy would be lucky to have you and if he can't realize that, then that's his problem." Liam said to me. "You're right I don't even know why I'm crying. He wasn't good enough for me anyways!" I said. "Come on! Let's go get some food before Niall eats it all!" Liam said. We walked out into the kitchen and saw all the boys laughing and eating. "Hey Amanda! You ok?" Harry asked. "Yeah! Just a little bit tired!" I said. "No! You're not allowed to be tired or sad in my presence!" Louis yelled. I laughed a little. "You guys are awesome" I said."And you're just now realizing this?" Zayn asked. "Shut up!" I said. "Hey you guys know what we should do?" Liam said. "Straighten Harry's hair in his sleep?!" I yelled. "Hey!" Harry exclaimed. "Well that! And we should go shopping!" Liam said. "OMG!!! Like, yeah!" I said stupidly. Harry kept shouting on why I said we should straighten his hair in his sleep the WHOLE ride to the mall. "Be quiet, Harry!" I yelled. "No! Never!" He shouted back. Then everybody, including Louis, yelled. "HARRY!!!" He slumped in his chair. "Fine!" He said. I laughed at him. The whole time we were shopping was the BEST!!! Except when Harry was blabbering on why his curls are to stay forever and not straight. Everyone rolled there eyes at him and we shouted at the same time. "Not again!"

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