Angels At Work

Amanda was an 11 year old girl who ran away from her abusive uncle. When she was 9, her parents died. She now lives in the woods and is hardly ever seen because she doesn't trust other people but the 3 things that keep her fighting are a locket her parents gave her with a picture of her family in it, a dog tag her brother gave her the night he disappeared,and the belief that her brother is out there looking for her. One night when she was hiding in the woods singing a song that her brother used to sing to her when she couldn't sleep, she was found by an older boy. She then goes to stay with him and 4 of them end up being the brothers she never had. And the last one ends up being the brother she always longed to see again. And yes! This is a One Direction Fanfic!


4. After The Party!

Amanda's POV

The girls and I won the battle and the boys ended up surrendering. "Ugh! I'm SO exhausted!" I complained while stretching. By now everybody, even Perrie and Eleanor, had left and the boys and I were sitting on the couch ."Yeah! You better go to bed!" Zayn said. "Yeah! Where's my bedroom?" I asked. "I'll show you to the guest room!" Louis said jumping from the couch. I followed Louis down the hall with my bags from shopping and we walked into a wonderful room with a king sized bed, a walk in closet, and a large flat screen TV. "Is this good enough?" Louis asked. "'s a little small but, I think I'll manage!" I joked. I walked in and grabbed the fluffy footsie pajamas that I bought and changed.

*The next morning*

I woke up at about 2 in the afternoon and lazily walked to the living room where I saw the boys and the girls sitting around a pile of gifts."Guys! Christmas was yesterday!" I said. "Yeah! But we felt bad you didn't get anything so we went shopping!" Harry said. "Aw! You guys!" I said grabbing a small rectangular box. "From Louis! Well, here you go!" I read aloud. I ripped the wrapping off to reveal a black iPhone 5. "OMG!!! LOUIS!!! THANK YOU!!!" I yelled. "YOUR WELCOME!" He yelled back, laughing. I smiled while pulling it out of the box. "It's already got all of our numbers loaded on it!" Louis said. "Open this one next! It's from me!" Niall said, handing me a green box. I opened it and it was a jewelry box with a silver necklace that had Niall's signature engraved into it. "Thanks Nialler!" I said. "This one's from me!" Zayn said, handing me a box. I opened the box to reveal a Nintendo 3DS and all Pokemon games known to man. "How did you know I had a soft spot for Pokemon?" I asked. "This one's from me!" Harry said, handing me a box wrapped in light blue wrapping paper. I tore it open and it was a pair of black Beats. "Thanks Hazza!" I said. "This one's mine!" Liam said, handing me a small bag. I pulled out a signed Frank Ocean album. "Liam! Where did you get this?!" I yelled. "This one's from me!" Eleanor said, handing me a large box. "A MacBook pro?! Thanks El!" I yelled as I opened the gift. "This one's mine!" Perrie said while handing me a box. I opened it to reveal an iPad mini. "Thanks Perrie!" I said. I sat there opening gifts for like, an hour!

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