Angels At Work

Amanda was an 11 year old girl who ran away from her abusive uncle. When she was 9, her parents died. She now lives in the woods and is hardly ever seen because she doesn't trust other people but the 3 things that keep her fighting are a locket her parents gave her with a picture of her family in it, a dog tag her brother gave her the night he disappeared,and the belief that her brother is out there looking for her. One night when she was hiding in the woods singing a song that her brother used to sing to her when she couldn't sleep, she was found by an older boy. She then goes to stay with him and 4 of them end up being the brothers she never had. And the last one ends up being the brother she always longed to see again. And yes! This is a One Direction Fanfic!


10. A Hard Choice To Make!

Amanda's POV

While I was watching the trailers of the movie, my stomach growled. Everybody looked at me. "Haha! That was my stomach. I wonder when Liam and Jake would be done with the popcorn." Niall's stomach copied mine and we laughed. "Popcorn's ready!" Liam said walking back into the TV area. I grabbed a handful of popcorn and stuffed it in my mouth. Jake stared at me with wide eyes. "What? I was getting hungry!" Everybody laughed and I laughed too! Then I saw Liam go outside. "Hey Jake? I'm going to check on Liam for a while!" "Okay Mandy!" I went out and saw Liam. "What's up Liam?" "Oh! Amanda! It's nothing." I raised my brow. "Are you sure?" He turned to me. "It's just that...I don't think Jake is the right guy for you. I don't exactly trust him, but I do know that something bad might happen if you stay with him." "Huh? What do you mean Jake isn't the right one for me? I love him Liam! Without Jake, I wouldn't be able to live! Why do you keep saying that?" He sighed. "I knew that you would say that. But if he ever does anything bad to you, tell me right away no matter what! Okay?" I rolled my eyes. "Okay!" He ruffled my hair and smiled at me. "Come on! Let's go inside and watch the movie! You did say that you wanted to watch it, right?" I smiled back. "Of course I did!" We both went inside to enjoy the rest of the movie. And guess what? Me and Niall ate the most popcorn, but Niall still ate more than me! Haha! "I'm gonna miss you!" Jake said getting ready to go. "Me too! But I promise I'll call you!" I said hugging Jake. "Amanda if you really want, you can stay here!" Liam said. "Liam, really?" I said looking at Liam with wide eyes. I sighed and looked down. "Amanda it's your choice!" Jake said. "Jake I love you don't ever forget that but I can't imagine life without the boys!" I said to Jake. "It's ok! I understand and when you come back I'll be right here waiting for you!" Jake said. I hugged him then Jake's phone buzzed. I pulled his phone out of his back pocket and read the text. "Jake." I said slowly reading the text. "Amanda it's not like that!" Jake said grabbing his phone from me. I ran to my room and locked the door. "Amanda I'm sorry!" Jake yelled from the other side of the door. "No Jake you're not if you were sorry then you wouldn't have cheated on me in the first place!" I yelled. I heard Jake slam the door of the tour bus and I sat there crying.

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