Peace and quiet

The noise woke Mandy and the day began as always with her neighbours fighting over the garden fence's.
Only trouble was Mandy's garden was in the middle,she was sick and tired of these two and she thought of a way she could end this once and for all and let the neighbour hood return to peace and quiet once more.


1. Full short story

Peace and quiet


The world suddenly swam into a crystal clear focus, as Mandy opened her eyes, she groaned inwardly, she could hear a commotion coming from the back garden, those two were at it again. Putting her hand’s over her ear’s Mandy could not block out the noise, “why have you built that pond, just coping me”, that was Margaret, Mandy’s neighbour on the left side, then the obvious reply from Irene her neighbour on the right side, “Me copy you don’t make me laugh” and that’s how it went on all day and almost every day. Every single day, maybe if one was away then it would be peace and quit but that was a rare occurrence, her two neighbours would be at each other’s throats. Now it was beginning to drive Mandy insane, what with her husband Ron working all day and there little handicapped boy Michael to look after and Mandy had to listen to these two every day.

Later that same day Mandy stood in her garden hanging out the washing, out of the corner of her eye she spied Irene. Her head over the garden fence, the two women had the cheek to use boxes to stand on so they could look across at each other over Mandy’s garden fence, even Ron’s building of a tall fence could not have stopped these two. Then like clockwork up popped Margaret’s head on the other side, “I notice you’ve got the same flowers in your front garden as mine”, shouted Margaret. She could see Irene’s face go a bright shade of red as she spat, “How dare you accuse me you old witch”.

“Don’t you call me an old witch, you sad old bag”, came to response from Margaret. Mandy shut her eye’s and calmly said to the women, “Please lady’s can you give me a break”. Irene looked over at Margaret, and then they both looked at Mandy as if they had only just noticed her standing there. “Don’t you tell me to be quiet girl”, spat Irene, then Margaret joined in, “Who do you think you are miss high and mighty”. It was just no good, Mandy looked to the heavens for help, and then she marched back inside her house before they could throw more insults at her, she could hear them as she stood in the kitchen going at it once more.

She looked at the bed side clock as she read her book, it had gone past midnight, it was time, and every one would be asleep by now. Throwing back the cover’s Mandy gently got out of bed so as not to disturb a snoring Ron bedside’s her.


The next morning Irene whistled to herself as she came out the back door and walked down the garden path that separated the flower bed’s on each side. ‘What a lovely day’ she thought to herself, in fact it had been so good lately that she had left her washing out to dry over night. She suddenly stopped and her mouth fell open, any one seeing this would have thought she looked like a guppy, collecting food in the river. Her sheets, her lovely beautiful clean white sheets. Only the sheets were no longer white, they were streaked with mud, as if some one had put wet mud on their hands and then proceeded to run them down and across the sheets. Irene saw red, she knew who had done this, oh yes, she knew all right, Irene saw red, “That old cow”, she hissed under her breath.

Margaret finished her cup of tea and got ready for another day in her precious garden, pulling on her Wellington boot’s and gardening gloves, she stepped out into the garden. As soon as she stepped onto the patio she could see the damage to her plants. Some one had dug up her beautiful flower bed; her flowers were thrown about the garden in an untidy heap. All that hard work she had done, gone to waste, but she knew who was responsible for this.

The first insult of the day came to Mandy’s ear’s as she sat in the kitchen with a cup of coffee and feeding Michael his porridge, who sat across from her over the kitchen table. But today for some reason, it sounded different. She couldn’t pin point it at first but slowly it dawned on her, the two neighbours sounded as if they were out for blood. Quickly opening the back door, Mandy raced into her back garden and saw the two women climbing over her fence on both sides. There was a look of pure hate on each of there face’s, if looks could kill they would both be dead that’s for sure. “What are you doing”, Mandy shouted at the two women. But the two lady’s didn’t reply, they didn’t even look at her so focused they were on getting at each other. “I’m going to kill you”, Irene said waving her fist at Margaret. Margaret was over the fence first and stood in Mandy’s garden; she marched over to Irene and began to pull her over the fence into the garden. Poor Irene was only half way over as Margaret grabbed her and she fell screaming into Mandy’s garden.

Then it turned into utter mayhem as the two women wrestled each other on Mandy’s lawn. Screaming and cursing at each other, clawing at each other’s faces. They were like a couple of wild cats. Mandy ran inside her house and into the hallway, she picked up the phone on the hall stand and dialled the police, “Please hurry I think they are killing each other”, she said after giving the address.


Later that evening she told Ron about her day over the chicken roast dinner she had made especially for him. How the police had arrived and taken each woman away still kicking and screaming at each other how one of the poor officer’s had received a thump in the eye from Irene. But it least it was over, the police had informed Mandy that they had been bound over to keep the peace and would face jail or a heavy fine if they went near each other or said so much as a word to each other.


The next day Mandy put her washing out on the line, she could hear the two women in their respective gardens but this time there was no looking over the fence at each other for a slagging match, they both went about there task’s humbly. Later that day drinking a cuppa soup Mandy looked at her diary and ticked off the thing’s to do list.

The first line she crossed off read’s flower bed’s, followed by a line through, I’s sheets. Then the last line on the page read, peace at last, she put a big tick by this and smiled to herself. It had all been worth while, the late night and getting her hand’s so dirty. She closed the diary, looked towards the back garden and punched the air and shouted out. “YES”.





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