Baby, It's Cold Outside

After a lovely run in with Louis Tomlinson, Mirabeth is invited to hang out with Louis for the day. They go out to a Christmas tree lighting then go to his flat. Once they finish decorating the Christmas tree a new's announcement come's on Mirabeths phone that there will be a storm warning, Louis begs Mirabeth to stay and she agrees but Once it get's to late Louis convince's her to spend the night... "Miabeth it's cold outside."


2. Everything Has Changed


Chapter 1: Everything Has Changed

~Mirabeth’s POV

“So where we’re you headed?” Louis asked as we walked away from the middle of the street, “and how did you not notice me?”

“I was changing the song on my iPhone, I’m really sorry Lou. I was going to Starbucks, would you like to go?”

He nodded and we walked across the street in caution. He kindly opened the door for me and I walked into the coffee aroma room. I smiled wide as Lou and I waited in line. I think I was obsessed with Starbucks, I always come here. There weren’t much people here today so there were limited workers. Limited workers means it takes hours just to get a coffee because they are accompany to the customers before you.

“I’ll pay what would you like?” Louis asked.

“No, please let me pay. I hit you with my car Lou.” I begged.

He stared at me deeply with his unsure eyes; I wanted to slap him because he was freaking me out. His beautiful eyes meet my blue eyes and he smiled. I didn’t know if that was a yes or no but the cashier called us.

“Can I get my regular, please?” Louis and I said in unison.

“That will be fifteen pounds.” He said. I handed him my card without any trouble from Louis trying to pay. I know I wasn’t going to get rid of him that easily. He was probably planning an evil little plan in his head to talk to me more.

We walked over to a booth and sat down. I smiled studying this perfect tan skin. He probably was thinking the same but about my pale skin. I grabbed my long blond silky hair and I pulled it all behind me. I looked back at Louis and saw his sad little eyes; I had to figure out what was going on. Normally Louis is peppy and funny from what I read in magazines but today he seemed calm and relaxed.

“So, what’s a little country girl doing here in London?” He asked.

“I got accepted into Manchester University, I room with my friend Bonnie. And I’m not little I’m five foot five inches.” I giggled, yes I was a normal height but I am not little girl.

“Louis and Mirabeth, your coffee is ready!” The Starbucks worker said.

Louis and I got up and grabbed our drinks. I got my regular which was at the moment the Salted Carmel Cappuccino.  It warmed me up on days like this, Louis and I walked outside and the cold air blew onto my lips. I sipped on my cappuccino and the warm liquid went down my throat. I smiled and looked at Louis, he was already watching me.

“So, I was wondering… would you like to go to the Christmas tree lighting downtown with me? Then maybe we can have a sleepover, I have an extra room Harry moved out.” Louis asked grabbing onto my elbow, “You know what, sorry is that too fast Mirabeth? I’m such an idiot.”

“No, no Louis. I would love to go with you, but…” I sighed, there was Eleanor his girlfriend. Maybe he was thinking that we would go in a group One Direction, Eleanor and me.

“There’s always a but what did I do, what is it?”

“You know what; I’d love to go with y’all. Meet you there around six. Thank you for letting me get you coffee, oh also I’ll think about the sleepover.” I giggled. Louis smiled wide and hugged me placing both arms over my shoulder and I had mine over his waist.

We pulled away and I waved to him. Carefully I walked across the street and got into my car. I plugged in my iPhone and played the song ‘Everything Has Changed’ by Taylor Swift featuring Ed Sheeran. I wouldn’t think any other song would be more appropriate right now. I found myself singing along to the song.

Cause all I know is we said hello and your eyes look like coming home. All I know is a simple name, everything has changed. All I know is you held the door. You'll be mine and I'll be yours. All I know since yesterday is everything has changed…”

I got home and parked my car. I bet Bonnie and her boyfriend Chase was going to be making out on the couch. I am seriously team forever alone, but it’s by choice I’m hard to love. I walked up the stairs and opened the door quietly hoping not to disturb anyone. I walked to the living room and saw Bonnie and Chase watching a Christmas movie.

“I’m home guys!” I smiled; they turned around and greeted me. Chase stood up and walked over to me handing me a wrapped box, “Seriously Chase I haven’t even gotten you anything. Thank you so much!” I freaked opening the box.

“No problem, I know you’ll-“

“OH MY GOODNESS, Taylor Swift’s new perfume! Thank you so much Chase, I’ll wear this on my date tonight!” I hugged him tight and ran to my room. I set the box down, it was only noon. I had about five hours to just chill.

“MIRA, you have a date? Tell me everything, did you meet him at Starbucks. Oh how cliché, that is so magnificent. I’m happy for you.” Bonnie didn’t even let me talk; she knew how bad I had it in my past with this in particular boy.

“Bon I actually hit him, I was driving to my car and I hit this boy,” I didn’t want to tell her his name was Louis she would freak out, “Then I bought him Starbucks and well he asked me to go to the Tree Lighting, also a little sleepover but I’m not sure I want to do that.”

“Do it! It will be fun, you guys sleeping in the same bed-“

“He has an extra room, I don’t know Bonnie… What if-“

“No ‘what if’s’ haven’t you ever seen the ‘What If’ music video by Jason Derulo? If he didn’t talk to that one girl then they wouldn’t have had a relationship, wait she dies at the end never mind. Just go.”

“What a horrible example, you don’t know anything about him!”

“Fine, go ahead tell me about him.”

This is what I was afraid of, do I tell her about Louis or not? I know secrets don’t make friends but this is a good secret. I looked at Bonnie’s hopeful green eyes. This was my best friend; I know she would never betray me, “Louis Tomlinson…”

I looked up to see her face expression. Her jaw was dropped and then she smiled, “Isn’t he still with Eleanor Calder?”

I shrugged, “I think this is going to be a thing where the whole band comes, Eleanor, and me. I don’t know I call it a date.”

Bonnie threw her arms around me; I hugged her back and smiled. I loved having Bonnie around; she was like a sister I always wanted. I only have a younger brother but he is really annoying. Bonnie stood up from my bed and told me Chase and she were going to Lunch and I am invited. Hey, free food!


We got home about four o’clock, enough time for me to take a super duper long time getting ready. I went to my room and lay down on my white comforter. I looked at my phone and saw I had a twitter notification. I unlocked my phone with my super-secret password and clicked on the twitter app.

Louis Tomlinson is now following you!

I giggled, what a sweetheart. I got up from my bed and walked over to my iHome. I played the Country station and ‘Come Wake Me Up’ by The Rascal Flats came on. I danced my way to my small but big enough walk-in closet. I looked through my entire closet; I had to look perfect to meet Louis today. I finally decided on a metallic brown pleated bow panel skirt, a maroon long sleeve tight crop top, and sheer chevron pattern tights.

I laid my outfit on my bed and went to my bathroom that was next to my closet. My bathroom was amazing, it was all black and white and my mirror had light bulbs all over it. I started my shower water and stripped down to nothing. I stepped into the warm shower and let the warm water droplets fall onto my body. I let my hair get soaked in the water, I felt so relaxed. The steam was opening my pours and it felt amazing. I washed my hair with Redken shampoo and rinsed it out, and then I conditioned my hair with the same product. I washed my body with Dove body wash then rinsed off my entire body.

I dried off and wrapped myself in a robe. I brushed my hair out and dried it off all the way though. It took about fifteen minutes for me to finish drying my hair since it’s so thin. I brushed out the tangles and walked over to my room. My country station was still playing and now ‘Hard to Love’ by Lee Brice was on. This was the anthem to my life, I’m serious I am so hard to love.

I got my outfit on and went back to my closet, now I had to choose my shoes and whatever else I needed. I grabbed my red wine suede high heel platform Mary-Jane’s, my wide gold hoop earrings, cream and gold collection of bracelets, and my Michael Kors gia studded metallic leather clutch bag. I unplugged my phone and put that in my clutch, same with my credit card, ID, and some money.

“Hey it’s getting to be five I just wanted to see how much longer you would take.” Bonnie asked walking into my room. She sat down and I put on all my accessories and heels, “Wow, you look amazing. I’m going to pack for you to sleepover at Louis’ house.”

I giggled and went to my vanity where my makeup was. I just applied a light foundation, some mascara, and some light red lip gloss. I hardly would wear makeup now, my ex-boyfriend use to make me wear it everywhere I went because I didn’t look good enough for him. What a pig. I sprayed my new Taylor Swift perfume all over my body and walked over to Bonnie.

“Alright ready, any advice before I leave?”

“Use a condom, uhm let him spoil you Mira you deserve it. Oh if he’s an arse just come home, Chase is staying the night.” She smiled hugging me.

I hugged her back and she gave me my bag full of clothes for my little sleepover. I grabbed my clutch in my other hand and my keys. I said my goodbye’s to the lovely couple and went on my way to the downtown tree lighting.

A/N: Well I hope you like it, I hope I get a new cover soon. I also need help making a blurb... A picture of Mirabeth is on the side!

How do you feel about this little sleepover? Will Louis try to make a move on Mirabeth? Isn't Bonnie the sweetest? Do you want to find out who hurt Mirabeth so bad? 

It's all to come!


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