1D imagines- let them be apart of your life

Hi guys, this is my first ever Movella/imagines so please be nice :) If you could put which guy you want from the hottest band in the world below that would be great. Also put what you look like and some neat things about your personality. Thx
Bye pplz
From one of the awesomest people in the world
Rhianna xoxo


2. Oli and Harry

"Morning furture Mrs Styles." Harry mumbles in his sexy morning voice. You look down at your hand glancing the sparkling diamond ring that lays on your finger.

"Morning my husband to be." A yawn ecscaping your mouth. Harry's planting kissings down your neck, full of lust.

"Harry, we did that last night." You say. He mumbled into your neck, the warmth of his breath sending goosebumps all along your body.

"But your just going to have to wait." You reply. He wouldn't back away even if you tried his grasp on your waist would only increase. So you decide to give him a taste of his medicine. You kiss his lips tenderly and softly while you continue down his jaw line. A moan escaped his mouth. You knew your work was done as you swiftly moved away from the bed.

"You little tease!" You flashed him a cheeky smile and headed of to the batheroom in your bra and undies. Soon after he ran after you and lays you back onto the im taking control

-----------You know what happens next!--------------

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