1D imagines- let them be apart of your life

Hi guys, this is my first ever Movella/imagines so please be nice :) If you could put which guy you want from the hottest band in the world below that would be great. Also put what you look like and some neat things about your personality. Thx
Bye pplz
From one of the awesomest people in the world
Rhianna xoxo


3. Hannah and Harry

You and your boyfriend Harry are sittting on the couch. Your bored out of your mind because today Harry needs to rest his vocals for an upcoming show, which means he can't talk.

"Harry, I'm sooo bored!" You whine. Harry just smirks at your whining. "You know if you could talk at this moment in time I wonder what you'll say." You tease. Harry shoots you a glare and smiles.

 As you keep complaining Harry jumps over top of you, making his lips lie inches away from yours. You look into his deep emaerald eyes.

"I wonder what you would say now?" You tease once again. He smashes his lips right onto yours. "Guess what?" You mumble into his lips. Harry gives you a questioning look. As you get ready to stand up you blurt out "I got your phone."

You start runnning around the house until you quietly stay in one spot, you feel two musculiar arms cling round your waist. "Who's Hannah?" You say showing him his phone. After retreving his phone back he kisses you passionatly.

"Don't you dare say anything." You grin.

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