Not before marriage

Linda is a timid young girl who works in a boring office but she is a romantic and dreams of finding her knight in shining armour.
She has a date with Mike the office hunk who has been with most of the women,it will never work out say her friends.
But who is the tall skinny shy young man and why go out with a known womaniser when love could be right in front of your face.


1. Full short story

Not before marriage


Linda sat at her desk looking around the office, it was a dull place like any over government office, and they were situated on one floor with a row of desks by the windows. The manager sat at the top looking over everyone then at the side of the room you had the rows of files.

She worked for the local council in the housing department, Linda was a shy timid girl who had a strong religious up bringing, and at twenty two was she a stunningly good looking young woman, with long blonde hair and hazel eyes.

In a day dream she looked over her desk at Mike who sat a little way down the office from her. He was known in the office as the big hunk, she smiled to herself.

Linda walked into the staff canteen at lunch time, well it wasn’t really a canteen it had tables and chairs to sit at, a microwave and a kettle and a fridge which had seen better days. Leading off from the canteen area was a small coffee room if you wanted peace and quiet.

She saw her friend Paula come into the canteen, the two women went into the small coffee room which was empty and sat down with there lunch boxes.

“Do you fancy going to the pictures tonight Linda”

“I’m sorry Paula but I’m seeing Mike tonight”.

“You know that you and Mike will never work out”.

“What makes you say that Paula”. Paula gave her a smile.

“Well what with your religious beliefs and all”.

Linda could feel herself getting angry, “But if he loved me he would be willing to wait, wouldn’t he”.

Paula let out a sigh, “But men like Mike are only after one thing and if they cant get that then its good bye”.

Linda sat there and thought about this, Mike was supposed to be a real stud in the office gossip, “Well maybe your right we will just have to see”. Linda still had Mike in her mind when she went back to her desk that afternoon, she had already told him that she was a virgin and didn’t believe in sex before marriage and he had seemed ok about it.

Paula looked across at her friend then over at Mike, what did he see in her she thought, she was pretty yes but such a prude, if only sweet Linda knew the real truth about Mike.

Linda’s day dream was interrupted by the new post boy Ross, he smiled at her as he handed her the post. He stood there looking down at her as if he had something to say but didn’t know how to say it.Linda looked back at him, “Can I help you Ross”.

He smiled once more at her, “I, I”, he stammered out, “Would you like to to go out with me”, he paused then went on, “Tonight”.

She felt really flattered by this proposal but there was Mike to think of, “I’m sorry Ross but I have a date for tonight maybe some other time”, he looked really disappointed as he moved away from her desk. She felt sorry to having to let him down; Ross seemed to be such a nice boy.


That night Mike took Linda to a hamburger drive through, how romantic thought Linda sarcastically to herself, he ordered two burgers and fries with two strawberry milk shakes. He paid the money and he parked the car in the burger place’s car park.

They ate their burgers in silence, Linda looked at Mike, really looked at him, he was over weight and he was beginning to get a double chin, he was in his mid thirties and she could see he would go bald in the next few years. His face was handsome in a strange kind of way yes but why was he the office hunk, and then she thought of course he had the gift of the gab, women always fell for that old one.

Then he was getting out of the car and putting the empty bag in the waste bin, he stood outside the car and lit a cigarette, he knew not to smoke in front of her, he looked bored and kept looking at her and smiling, she smiled back at him.

On the way back Mike pulled the car over into a deserted lay by, “Why have we stopped Mike”, he moved over to her and kissed her on the lips.

She responded and soon they were in a passionate embrace, he moved his hand over her blouse and started to undo her buttons. He then slid his hand inside her blouse and felt her breast through her thin cotton bra.

She could feel herself getting turned on but she would not let him go to farther his fingers slipped inside her bra and brushed against her erect nipple’s.

She let out a groan then pushed his hand away, “No Mike please I don’t want to”.

Mike let out a grunt, “Jesus Christ Linda what harm will it do”.

“Mike you know I don’t believe in sex before marriage”. Mike started the car, he didn’t look at her as he said, “Look Linda I don’t think this will work out, let’s just call it a day”.

She starred at him and started to cry, “You pig why it always has to be about sex for you men, you make me sick”.

Mike didn’t bother replying, he drove her home, when they reached her mothers house she turned to him, “Mike I really like you but can’t you just wait”.

He laughed at her, “Boy you are stupid, I aint the marrying kind and sex makes the world go round babe”.

She got out of the car as she walked up the drive he shouted out to her, “I got plenty of women who will go all the way you know”, a pause then, “Ring me if you change your mind”.

She looked on as he drove away into the night, she was hurt but also strong willed, there would be no change of mind.


Next day at work Linda couldn’t believe her eyes as she saw Mike and Paula talking together, they kept looking over at her and laughing. She felt most uncomfortable through out the morning with them two looking over at her.

Her thoughts were interrupted as Ross put the post down on her desk and began to walk away,”Ross”, she called out to him, he turned quickly towards her.

“Can you come over here for a minute please”, he moved over to her desk and smiling looked down at her.

“Would you like to take me out tonight Ross”,he stood there lost for words, he shook his head as if trying to clear away the cob webs,”Yer,yes I will take you out”.

“Good if you meet me outside the cinema we will see that new movie”.

“Ok then”, he replied.

That afternoon Linda had lunch by herself, she had seen Paula and Mike go out together for their lunch. Each to their own she thought, anyway she was going out with Ross now. She sighed he would probably be just like all the others, would she ever find Mr Right.



When she reached the cinema that evening Ross was already out side waiting for her, good a man on time she liked that, he smiled when he saw her and they went inside together.

He was the perfect gentleman all evening and paid for her entrance and pop corn and coke. All through the film he didn’t make one move on her, he didn’t even try to put his arm round her.

They walked home together as they neared her house he turned to her, he was a very good looking man she saw in the evening light, brown wavy hair and boyish good looks, he stood just a little taller than her and he had a very slim build almost skinny.

Yes she suddenly realized he was a good looking young man, had she been sleeping walking before and never noticed. Her thoughts were broken as he said to her, “Linda there is something I must say to you”.

She turned her eyes sky wards, here we go again men they are all the same. Paula was right men were only after one thing and if they couldn’t get that it was bye bye, she looked at Ross and waited for him to talk.

He began slowly so as not to stammer, “I want you to know that I’m a virgin”.

Linda was shocked to say the least, he went on, “I’m very nervous about sex and I only want to sleep with the person I marry”.

He looked at her sadly, “If you want to leave me I will understand”, she wanted to reach out and give him a big hug.

Her heart melted in her chest for him, she leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, “No that’s fine with me Ross”, and she had found the man of her dreams. She smiled at him, yes boy he was so good looking.


The end


C Robert Paul Bennett 1997/2012

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