Love Hurts

Ever since the 9th grade, Elizabeth Thompson vowed to never speak or look at boys again. She thought that they were nothing but trouble. Her heart’s been broken and she’s been cheated on boys many times by them. But, when Tony Miller, the new guy in town, came into her life, Lizzy immediately fell head over heels for him. Will she date this total cutie, or will she avoid him like other guys? The only way to find out is to read this romantic book.


2. School With Tony


"Lizzy!" my best friend Lindsey Kelley squealed as she ran over towards me with open arms. As she reached me, she pulled me into a tight hug. "I miss you!"  

"I miss you, too," I said, trying to breathe. 

  We just had spring break last week and it went by very quick. 

  "So, what did you do in your spring break?" I asked her after she let go of me. 

  "I went to Texas to visit our family. We had a family reunion."  

 "Oh, that's cool," I said. 

  "Yeah," she said. "So, what'd you do this weekend?" '

 "I actually didn't really do anything," I said. "All I did was stay home. My mom wanted to go shopping with me, but I refused to go with her."

  "Oh," Lindsey said. 

   Brrrrriiiiiiiiing! The startling shrill of the school bell sounded, telling us that we only have 5 minutes to get to class. 

  "Come on," Lindsey said. "Let's get to class."

  "Okay," I said as I shoved my Three Days Grace backpack into my locker. After shutting my locker, I followed Lindsey. 

  The halls suddenly got crowded, I was barely able to get to Mr. Dink's class.    Suddenly, something or somebody bumped into me, causing my books to drop out of my hands and onto the hard tiled floor.    "Hey, watch it!" an obnoxiously familiar voice shouted. 

  I looked up and faced Jay Watson, one of those boys that broke my heart. His twin sister, Kay Watson stood next to him. She's not like her brother. She's sweet, shy, and innocent. And Jay is mean, heartless, and obnoxious. 

  "Who are you telling me to watch it?!" I yelled back. "You were the one that bumped into me!"

  The loud sound of the bell rang. 

  "Oh, great," Jay complained. "I"m late! Thanks a lot."

  He walked passed me to get to his 1st period class. 

  I sighed and went to mine. 

  "Mr. Dink's is gonna kill me," I muttered to myself. 


"Thompson!" The sound of Mr. Dink's voice almost made me deaf. His voice was so loud, people from China probably heard it. Okay, I think I'm over exaggerating. But, still his voice was loud. "You're late!"   "Sorry," I sighed.

  "Sorry doesn't cut it!" he yelled. "Don't let it happen again!"

  "Yes, Mr. Dink," I said. 

  As I approached my desk, I noticed Tony sitting at a desk next to it. 

  Tony looked up at me and smiled. 

  As I sat down at my desk, he said, "Hey."  

"Hi," I said, not looking at him. 

  "So, how's it going?" he asked.   

"Not much," I said.    "So, um," he started saying. "Is this a good school?"

  "It's alright," I said. 

  Mr. Dink turned around from the whiteboard he was writing on. 

  "Hey, Thompson!" he snapped. "Miller! No talking!"

  "Sorry, Mr. Dink," Tony and I said in unison.

  Mr.  Dink went back to his whiteboard and pressed the black marker against it.



I looked up at the menu that's hanging above my head.    Chicken Nuggets Pineapples Peas   Gross! I hate school cafeteria food. It makes me wanna throw up. So, as usual, I decided not to eat and walked over to a table where Lindsey was. 

  "Hey," she said as she shoved peas in her mouth. 

  "Hey," I said. 

  "So, that new Tony guy," she said. "He was totally checking you out! You guys should date!"

  "Lin," I said. "I told you. I gave up on boys."

  "Oh, come on, Lizzy!" she said. "Give boys another chance."

  "No way," I said. 

  "Fine," she said. "Be forever alone. And never get married and have kids."

  I rolled my eyes. 

  "Hey, Lizzy," a familiar deep voice said behind me. 

  I looked over my shoulder to face a smiling Tony.  

"Uh, hi, Tony," I said.  

Tony looked over at Lindsey.

  "Hi, do you mind if I talk to Lizzy alone?" he asked. 

  A huge smile grew on Lindsey's face. "Not at all," she responded."

  Tony led me outside of the cafeteria and into the halls. 

  "So, Lizzy," he started, "I've heard there's this dance this Friday and I was wondering if you wanted to go with me?"

  Don't do it! a voice inside my head screamed. He'll hurt you just like the other boys!

"Um," I said.

  Tony gave me a pleading face.

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