Love Hurts

Ever since the 9th grade, Elizabeth Thompson vowed to never speak or look at boys again. She thought that they were nothing but trouble. Her heart’s been broken and she’s been cheated on boys many times by them. But, when Tony Miller, the new guy in town, came into her life, Lizzy immediately fell head over heels for him. Will she date this total cutie, or will she avoid him like other guys? The only way to find out is to read this romantic book.


1. Dinner with The Millers

"Lizzy, honey," my mom said, entering my room without knocking.

    I looked up from my pink iPhone and glared at my mother. "Don't you ever knock?" I asked her coldly.

  "Sorry, sweetie," she said. "So, there's this family that moved to next door to us and we invited them over for dinner."

  "So?" I asked, looking back at my phone.

    "They have a son about your age," she said. "I think you'll like him. His name is.."

  "Mom!" I exclaimed, looking up again. "I told you! I don't like boys anymore! They're nothing but rotten jerks that'll always break your heart!" I've been dating a lot of boys since I was 13 and they were all cheating on me and dumping me. So, in 9th grade, I've decided to give up on boys.

    "Honey," Mom said in her sweet, syrupy voice. "Not all boys are rotten jerks. This boy is really nice."

  "Whatever," I sighed.

    "Listen, young lady," she said suddenly sternly. "You better be on your best behavior when the Millers come over."     

     "I will," I said.

    "Good," she said. She left the room.    

     Mothers, I thought to myself. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~          After 30 minutes passed, Mom called me downstairs.

    "Lizzy," Mom said cheerfully as I came downstairs. There were people standing beside her: A man with short brown hair, and a mustache plastered above his lips, a lady with blonde short hair with a friendly smile plastered on her face, and a boy with black hair who was about my age. "This is George and Mindy Miller. And this is their son, Tony."

  "Hello," Mr. Miller said politely to me.

    "Hey," I said unenthusiastically.

    "Elizabeth Thompson!" Mom exclaimed."When you meet someone, you don't just say 'hey'. You say 'hello'."

    "Hello," I said.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "So, Lizzy," Mrs. Miller said as we sat down at our dining room table. "What school do you go to?"

  "Western High," I said.

    "Oh!" she said as her face lit up. "My Tony's going to the same school."

  "Oh, really?" Mom asked.


  "That's a better way for Tony and Lizzy to get to know each other," Mom said.

    "Honey," Dad said. "Shouldn't Lizzy stay away from boys for a while? I mean, she's been brokenhearted by a lot of them."

  My dad never liked me dating guys. He thought that they were going to hurt me and he was right.

    "Oh, really?" Mrs. Miller asked. "I'm so sorry, sweetie! But, if you date my son, you won't regret it."

  "Mom," Tony whined.

  Ugh! Why do these people keep convincing me to date this guy?! I just met him! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After dinner was over, I forced to chat with Tony, so I led him to my room.    "Sorry about my parents," he said. "They're embarrassing sometimes."

  "It's alright," I said. "My parents embarrass me, too."

  "So, you've been heartbroken by many guys?" he asked. I could tell by his face that he was sorry for me.

    I nodded, tears threatening to pour from my eyes.

    Tony gently laid his hand on my shoulder. "I'm so sorry about that," he said softly.

  "Tony!" Tony's mother shouted from downstairs. "Time to go!"

  "I gotta go," Tony said. Before he left, he gave me a piece of paper. "Bye."    After he walked off, I looked at the paper with numbers on it.

    Should I really go out with him? He seems really cute. NO! He might be like all of those guys I've dated!

    I crumpled up the piece of paper and threw it in the trash.  

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