Mama Tells Me I'm Special...

Janelle is a special teenager. She's anorexic, bulimic, suicidal, and bi-polar. When she tries to escape from it all, she sits in her room, listens to One Direction and calls her best friends Kimberly and Karina for help. For her 17th birthday, she ends up in the hospital and her mother surprises her with the boys of One Direction.


1. Normal.

***Janelle's POV***

I ran my icy cold fingertips down my forearm. It was rough and bumpy from all my cuts. I felt a tear run down my cheek. "No one will ever love a crazy physco like me." I whispered to myself. I plugged my headphones into my phone and listened to, Little Things by One Direction. I always listened to this song when I felt upset. I closed my eyes and listened to the words. The sound of their voices made me forget about it all. I heard a knock on my door. I quickly pulled the blanket over me. "Come in." I croaked.

"Hey.. do you want anything to eat?" My mother, Laura asked me.

"No, I'm okay." I told her. She shut my door. I closed my eyes and rested my head against my pillow. "Why can't I just be normal?" I bit my lip. You can't be normal looking like that you obese piece of shit. My conscious spoke to me. I ripped the ear bud out of my ear and ran to my bathroom. I broke down into pieces. I ran my fingers through my hair and tugged on it. I leaned over my toilet and forced myself to purge. Tears fell down my cheeks. I leaned my back against my bathroom wall and slid down to the floor. After I calmed down, I got up and washed my face. I opened my room door and walked downstairs into my living room. My mother sat on the couch with her sister, my only and favorite aunt. I smiled and hugged her tightly.

"Hey baby." She whispered as she hugged me. I sat down next to her and rested my head on her shoulder. Her and my mother were talking, but I really wasn't paying attention. My mind went blank. I closed my eyes as she brushed her finger tips through my hair. "Are you okay?" She asked me. I nodded. 

"Here, you have to take your pills." My mom ordered. She handed me a glass of water and 6 pills. They were all different. I swallowed them one by one. When i finished I hugged my aunt and mom and went back into my room. It was only 8 PM but I didn't have anything else to do. I rested in my bed and fell asleep.


"You dirty fat whore!" People shouted out at me.

"Burn in hell bitch!" They chanted. I ran through the hall ways trying to get out. It was never ending. It never stopped.

HI! Well, this is my new fanfic! I do have another short one called "Rapture." This one is going to be a lot longer! I really hope you guys enjoy it. It kind of just popped into my head! I really can't wait for you guys to read more! Please leave me comments, tweet me (@guzmanjanelle) or KIK me (g0lf_waang) any suggestions you guys have! It means so much to me to have amazing readers like you all! :)xx

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