Mama Tells Me I'm Special...

Janelle is a special teenager. She's anorexic, bulimic, suicidal, and bi-polar. When she tries to escape from it all, she sits in her room, listens to One Direction and calls her best friends Kimberly and Karina for help. For her 17th birthday, she ends up in the hospital and her mother surprises her with the boys of One Direction.


2. Nightmare.

***Janelle's POV***

I opened my eyes and sat up. Layers of sweat covered my body. I rubbed my eyes and felt a tear run down my cheek. Stupid nightmares.. I took a deep breath in and released. 


"OKAY!" I jumped out of my bed and walked into my bathroom. I took off my pajamas and slipped into the shower. I finished in the shower and brushed my teeth. My hair was damp so I slid it into a side braid. I walked into my room and put on my army green jeggings and a floral sweater that was studded around the neck. I put on my eyeliner and created wings at the corners. I took my One Direction chain from my jewelry box and put it around my neck. I put on my brown studded combat boots and slipped into my leather cream jacket. I grabbed my backpack and ran downstairs. ( I quickly ate the poptarts my mother left me and made a PB&J sandwich for lunch. I put on my backpack and walked out the door. I  ran up to the train station and waited for my train. When it arrived I got on and sat between a boy around my age and a older lady. I plugged in my headphones and listened to "I Am Not A Robot" by Marina and The Diamonds. My phone buzzed. It was one of my bestfriends, Kimberly.

Are you finally coming to school today?! I read and smiled. 

YES! See you in a few asshole. I slid my phone into my pocket and closed my eyes. When my train got to my stop I got off and transferred to the F train. I got on and waited for it to arrive at 23rd Street. I got off and walked up the stairs and crossed the street. I walked toward my school. When I got there I put my phone away and slid my ID card through the reader. I walked up the stairs and went to my locker. I put my coat away and grabbed my binder. A group of girls walked passed me and started laughing. I sighed and slammed my locker closed. I walked into my geometry class.


I got home and ran up to my room. Tears were streaming down my face. I threw my picture frames around my room. I picked up one paticular one. "Shit." I bit my lip. I ran my thumb over the frame. It was a picture of me, Kimberly and Karina. My bestfriends. My phone started to ring. It was Karina.

"Hey! Where were you!?" Karina yelled.

"Yeah! I didn't see you at lunch!" Kimberly whined. We were on 3 way.

"I left after Spanish..." I whispered.

"What happened?" Kimberly asked.

"Amelia...She called me a attention whore and she told me I was fat." I bit my lip. 

"Janelle, you can't listen to her." Karina told me.

"I have to go!" Kimberly hung up.

"Me too! My sub just walked in. We'll come over later." Karina hung up. I sat down on my bed and threw myself back and rested my head on the pillow. 


My door busted open.

"Janelle. Why did you leave school today?" My mom asked me.

"I dunno." I whispered.

"TELL ME WHY!" She screamed at me. She slammed the door and inched closer to me.

"I don't know mom!" I yelled back. " GET THE FUCK OUT!" I screamed. She backed away and nodded. She walked out and slammed the door. My leg started to shake. I needed Kimberly and Karina right now. I heard my door downstairs open and feet walking up the stairs. Finally... My door opened and they walked in. 

"Hey." Kimberly said. I smiled a bit. They sat on my bed.

"Come." Karina told me. I sat up and moved in between them.

"Janelle... you have to stick up for yourself." Kimberly looked at me.

"Yes you do." Karina frowned. I bit my lip.

"I just... I get scared." I shrugged.

"Your 16 years old Janelle." Kimberly shook her head. "Oh wait. We're going to be 17 tomorrow." She frowned. "You have to deal with the hate."

"I know..." I bit my lip and looked away. I rested my head in Karina's lap and stretched my legs over Kimberly's legs. Karina stroked my hair. I closed my eyes.


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