Mama Tells Me I'm Special...

Janelle is a special teenager. She's anorexic, bulimic, suicidal, and bi-polar. When she tries to escape from it all, she sits in her room, listens to One Direction and calls her best friends Kimberly and Karina for help. For her 17th birthday, she ends up in the hospital and her mother surprises her with the boys of One Direction.


10. I miss you.

(Days later)

***Janelle's POV***

"Janelle, it's time for school." My mom peeped her head into my room door.

"I'll be down in a second, god." I rolled my eyes at her.

"I don't know what has gotten into you lately Janelle, I'm not your fucking friend. I'm your mother." She spat at me.

"Does it look like I give a shit?" I pushed her out my room and slammed the door closed. I locked it and threw myself onto my bed. I can't lie to myself. I've spent so much time with Niall, I feel so... bitchy that I can't be with him right now. I picked up my phone and decided to give him a ring...


"Niall-" I cut him off.

"This is Niall, leave a message at the beep." Beeeeeep! I groaned. Fuck. I got out of bed and creeped down my stairs. I sat down at the kitchen table across from Ms.Lissauer.

"Hi." I whispered.

"Hey, how are you?" She smiled at me.

"Fine.." My voice trailed off.


The whole day, all I thought about was Niall. Kimberly and Karina were right. I can't do this. I don't know how they can be in a relationship with Harry and Louis right now, and not be freaking out. Oh yeah, cause they're not fucking hideous. I dragged myself back up to my room after school and sat down on the edge of my bed. My phone started ringing, it was Niall. My eyes lit up.

"Hey!" I answered quickly.

"Hey babe! I'm sorry I didn't pick up earlier. I was in the studio." He told me.

"It's okay. How was your day?" I asked him.

"Better now that I'm talking to you." He giggled.

"Oh stop." I giggled. I couldn't help myself but smile whenever I heard his voice.

"Do you want to skype in like 5 minutes?"

"Sure, I'll sign on call me when you're ready!" I hung up quickly. I ran to my bathroom and took off my shirt. I slipped into a black tank top and left myself in my underwear. I'll tease him a little bit, I mean, why not right? I giggled at my dirty thoughts. I shook my fingers around in my hair, making it messy and sexy. Perfect. I ran to my laptop and turned it on. I signed on to skype. He called me immediately. I answered.

"Hey babe." He smiled. He had on his green snapback and a white t-shirt.

"Hi." I bit my lip. I missed him so much. I wish I could just jump through the screen.

"Are you okay?" He voice was filled with sorrow.

"Ofcourse." I fake smiled.

"Baby, you know I miss your right?" He spoke softly.

"I miss you too." I played around with my hands.

"Hey Janelle!" Harry jumped into the screen. I stiffened and pulled a blanket over my lap. "Oh sorry." He laughed.

"It's okay, how are you?" I smiled.

"I'm good, tell Kimberly that when I see her, I'm going to kiss her so hard that... she's going to die." He stuck his tongue out.

"How romantic." I rolled my eyes.

"I'll catch you later Janelle, take care babe." Harry blew me a kiss and disappeared.

"Well, the boys and I shipped out our real Christmas gifts to you girls. You guys should get it in about two days." Niall smirked.

"What is it?"

"It's called a gift for a reason." He laughed.

"Ugh, TELL ME!" I groaned.

"No!" He smiled.

"Fine." I frowned.

"So babe, how are you?" He asked me.

"I'm fine, just.. tired." I hesitated.

"Are you.." His eyes moved away from the screen.


"Janelle just stop, I don't fucking get it okay? You're beautiful. YOU ARE FUCKING GORGEOUS JANELLE! I love you Janelle. I hate being away from you. I hate the fact that your hurting yourself. JUST STOP!" He began to yell. I opened my mouth. No sound came out. "I..I'm sorry." He shook his head. "I have to go." His face disappeared. I sighed.

"I'm so stupid." I told myself.


***Kimberly's POV***

"What are you doing?" Harry purred through the phone.

"Mmm, laying down in bed. You?" I asked him.

"Same thing, how was your day?" 

"Not bad. It was kind of slow. Yours?"

"Good, I got home about an hour ago from the studio. I miss you."

"I miss you too!" I groaned.

"Don't worry. You'll see me soon baby."

"No I won't." I frowned. I looked at the time. It was already 11:46 over here. "Ugh baby, I have to go to bed. I have school in the morning."

"Alright, sweet dreams baby. Text me when you wake up."

"Mmkay." I hung up. 

***Karina's POV***

"Lou!" I groaned into the phone. "Stop making me laugh so hard, I'm gonna pee myself!" I giggled some more.

"It's not me! You're the one who's laughing for no reason!" He chuckled.

"No." I got serious.

"Whoa now." Louis purred.

"Ugh stop, I miss you! I miss my Louis the Tommo Tomlinson." I bit my lip.

"I miss you too Mrs. Tomlinson. Don't worry, angel. When I see you, we're going to spend the whole time together. I promise." He always knew how to make me smile.

"Okay baby, well I'm going to bed. I have to sleep for school." I groaned.

"Okay, be a good girl baby. Oh by the way, I'm not sure if Kimberly and Janelle know but let them know that our real Christmas gifts should get to your houses by thursday. Okay babe?"

"Okay, I'll text you tomorrow, bye!" He hung up. My thoughts wandered. What could our gifts be?


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