Mama Tells Me I'm Special...

Janelle is a special teenager. She's anorexic, bulimic, suicidal, and bi-polar. When she tries to escape from it all, she sits in her room, listens to One Direction and calls her best friends Kimberly and Karina for help. For her 17th birthday, she ends up in the hospital and her mother surprises her with the boys of One Direction.


3. Happy Birthday..

***Janelle's POV***

I slipped out of bed. I must have fell asleep last night and Kimberly and Karina left. I looked at my phone. It was my birthday. I sat down on the bathroom floor and looked up at the ceiling  17 years of living. 17 years of dealing with bullshit. 17 years of hell. I turned on the bath and let it fill up to the top. I took of my clothes and sat inside the hot water. I closed my eyes and felt tears run down my face. I grabbed my blade and held it to my wrist. I stuck it down deep. The pain hit me. The blood started gushing out. I started getting woozy. I heard my bathroom door swing open.

"NO!" My mom screamed at the top of her lungs. I couldn't respond to her. I was so weak...

***Niall's POV***

"Again boys." Paul told us from the front row. We were rehearsing for Madison Square Garden. We were going to be here in a about a week. I was so excited. It's been my dream to be here. Paul's phone rang. He walked away as we were about to start singing Live While We're Young. Paul handed me the phone. I gave him a confused look. He just nodded as I took the phone from his hands.

"Hello?" I spoke.

"Hi.. My name is Laura. My daughter.. well she loves you boys a lot-"

"A lot of girls do miss, if you're calling for us to meet her.. I'm sorry we can't." I told her.

"Please. My daughter tried to commit suicide. She's alive but... She's not talking to me nor will she wake up. I feel like she would wake up if you boys came here and sang to her.. Call me crazy but she's my daughter and I would do anything for her." She began to sob.

"Uhmmm..." I bit my lip and looked at Liam. He looked at me weird. "I don't know if we can. We're in New York-"

"We're in Bellevue hospital right now." She told me.

"I'll try and stop by tomorrow depending on our schedule." I told her.

"Thank you so much." She hung up. I looked at Paul. I handed him his phone.

"Well?" He asked me.

"This girl tried to commit suicide and now she's like in a coma or something and her mom wants us to sing to her to see if she will wake up." I told Paul.

"We're going." Harry told me.


"Niall. Don't be cold-hearted." Liam snapped. I sighed and nodded.


I stretched my arms over my head and jumped out of bed. The boys and I decided to go to the hospital early. I put on sweats, a t-shirt, black supra's and a snapback. I met the boys down in the lobby of the hotel. We rushed into the car and drove down to the hospital. I called the number on Paul's phone.

"Hello?" The woman spoke.

"Hi. It's Niall. We're here. I need to know the patients name and the room."

"709 and Janelle Guzman. Thank you so much." She hung up. We walked into the hospital.

"I'm here for Janelle Guzman, room 709." I told the young beautiful lady at the desk. She nodded.

"Go on up."

"Thank you." Harry smiled at her. We walked over to the elevators and Liam pressed the button. I waited for the elevator doors to open. I walked out and we found room 709. A lady was sitting on a chair infront of the room.

"You must be Niall, Harry, Liam, Zayn and Louis." She smiled at us. We all nodded. "Thank you so much for coming."

"It's our pleasure." Zayn smiled. Harry opened the door to the room. I followed him in. My heart skipped a beat. A beautiful girl was laying on the bed. Her hair was long, brown and curly. She was pale and her lashes were long. I walked over to the bed and noticed her wrists were covered in bandages. I bit my lip. Why would she do this to herself? She's beautiful. The monitor was beeping. Her chest moved up and down slowly. I looked at the boys.

"She's beautiful." I frowned. I looked back at her and looked at her necklace. I smiled. 

"Little Things?" Liam asked. 

"Yeah." Louis responded.

"Okay 1...2 ..3" Zayn began to sing...

***Janelle's POV***

"The dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine but I'll love them endlessly..." I heard a familiar voice. Liam? It can't be. I tried to open my eyes but I couldn't. I have to get up. Janelle, open your eyes... You can do it. I heard Louis then Harry. I wanted to get up so badly just so I can see the boys who I look up too.

"You'll never love yourself have as much as I love you... You'll never treat yourself right, darlin but I want you too.." I felt cold fingers run down my arm over my cuts. Get up! "If I let you know I'm here for you, Maybe you'll love yourself like I love you." Niall sang softly. My eyes busted open. My vision was a bit blurry at first. Niall's jaw dropped. "GUYS!" He looked back. Harry, Liam, Louis and Zayn rushed around me.

"Uhm.. Hi." I bit my lip. "Water." I cupped my throat. Harry passed me a cup of water. "Thanks.." I took a big gulp of water. Niall walked out the room and walked back in with my mother. "Hi mom." A smile grew on my lips.

"Hi baby." She kissed my forehead.

"Do you want some privacy?" Liam asked.

"No. I'll wait outside. You guys can say goodbye and stuff. Thank you so much." My mom smiled and walked out. Goodbye? I sighed.

"Don't worry." Niall looked at me. "You'll be seeing us." He smiled. My stomach went crazy.

"Oh.. By the way I'm-"

"Janelle.. right?" Liam asked. I nodded.

"Lovely to meet you hun." Zayn placed his hand on my leg. 

"Why are you guys here?' I asked them.

"You're mother called Paul and asked Niall for us to come down here and sing to you." Louis told me.

"Oh.. My mom is going to be in debt for so long." I giggled.

"Don't worry about it. It's on us." Niall smiled.

"Well. I guess this is goodbye." I bit my lip.

"We're not going anywhere till we have your number." Liam laughed. Kimberly and Karina walked in. I smiled at them. The boys turned around. 

"Holy..." Karina covered her mouth.

"Shit." Kimberly facepalmed herself. I laughed.

"This is Karina and this is Kimberly. My bestfriends." I smiled. The boys waved. I gave all of the boys my number. "Text me now, when I get discharged I'll text you guys back okay?" I told them. They nodded. "Bye!" I smiled. Harry kissed my cheek and so did the rest of the boys. The boys waved at Kimberly and Karina. They walked out.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" Karina yelled.

"SHH!" I threw my finger over my lips. "I can't believe that just happened." I pinched myself.

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