Love I never forgot

Vere and Deija has finished their Sophmore year of college. They were going to hang out with friends and chill this summer. But when an unexpected visiter shows up the stressful free summer is a no go. Vere has to choose between her current relationship or the love she never forgot. Harry Styles. Naill has his heart set out for one of Vere's friends. Adrianna, who is quit not over her ex. Will history repeat itself ? (R)


5. Morning Disaster

I woke feeling well rested. Then I heard a scream! It was Deija! I ran to her room and surprise surprise she was in her bra and panties. Erin was by her side. They were screaming their heads off. I looked around the room and saw I hug spider. I started to laugh, went to the kitchen to grab a napkin. I killed it and went to my room. Right when I was about to hope on the shower I realize Erin was here! What was he doing here? Dumb question. But did Andrew come with him? I wrapped a towel around me to go ask.

"Hey um Erin? Did Andrew come with you?" I asked.

"Yeah but you were asleep and he didn't want to wake you so he just left" Erin smiled.

I think I interrupted something because Deijas bra was on the ground. I looked at them ,smirked and walked awkwardly outside the room. I jogged to my room then suddenly I was on the ground. I felt a stinging pain on my hip. I looked down and saw blood every where!

Deijas POV

I felt Erin's kisses on my burning skin. He felt so right. He was on top of me about to go in.
"DEIJAAAA! DEIJAAAA!" I here Vere yelled. Erin got scared and rolled off. I laughed. I peeked outside the room and saw Vere in tears with blood on her hands. Luckily I had a rob on, I ran to her side.

"Erin go get the first aid kit!" I shouted at Erin. I lifted up her towel and there was a deep cut on her hip.

After Erin cleaned her up it was 7:45! Vere was panicking like she always does.
"I'm going be late for the audition! Holy shit!" Vere said very loud but she wasn't yelling.
She ran in the bathroom and I didn't see her for 45 mins.

Vere's POV

I hope out of the shower, crying because of the pain my cut was giving me. I herd my phone ringing in my room. I didn't recognized the number so I just answered it.

"Hello" I said in tears.

"Um..hi is this Vere?" A deep British accent voice replied.

"Harry?" I asked still in tears.

" yeah ...I was wondering if you, wait are you crying?"

"Hu no why would I be crying?" Trying to calm down.

"You can't fool me. What happen?"

"Oh nothing I just-"

"Are you hurt?! I'm coming over"

"No really I'm fin-" I heard a ringing sound. He hung up.

I just hurried up did my hair and up on some foundation,mascara and top eye liner. I was ready to go then I heard a knock at the door. I must be Harry. This morning was a disaster.

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