Love I never forgot

Vere and Deija has finished their Sophmore year of college. They were going to hang out with friends and chill this summer. But when an unexpected visiter shows up the stressful free summer is a no go. Vere has to choose between her current relationship or the love she never forgot. Harry Styles. Naill has his heart set out for one of Vere's friends. Adrianna, who is quit not over her ex. Will history repeat itself ? (R)


6. How I've missed you

Harry's POV

I didn't know why I came. I just herd her sweet voice whimpering and I'm here knocking on her door step. We need to talk about us. I never forgot about her, I tried to move on from that summer but I couldn't. I went out, drank, and slept with girls I burly knew. Nothing helped, I was going to stay back in London but I couldn't stay away. I realized this maybe an mistake so I was about to turn around when the door opened.

There she stood. She was wearing little jean shorts with a spaghetti striped cream blouse and brown cowboy boots. Her curls fell perfectly on her shoulders. She's beautiful.

"Harry I asked you a question." She said

" what did you say?" I said trying not to look like an idiot.

"I see your still the same, what were you daydreaming about this time?" She said with a cute little smirk on her face. She was standing with her arms across her chest, and one of her legs popped.

I tryd not to blush. "On um.. Nothing. What did you say before?"

"I said I'm fine, now why are you here." She said

"Well I heard you crying so I I'm here" I said.

She was bitting her bottom lip. Oh how I missed bitting that lip. She was thinking about something.

"Well I was going to my audition right now and I can't be late. " she said.

"Oh I can give you a lift, and after we can stop to get coffe or something." I really hope she says yes.

"I guess. Just let me get my bag." She did a quick little smile and disappeared in the apartment.

Vere's POV

"Fuck fuck fuuuuck." I was cursing under my breath.

What did I just agreed to? I can't go get coffee with Harry the paparazzi would go crazy. They would start rumors and Andrew! I forgot about Andrew. I checked my phone and I have two messages from him. 'Hey babe call me when you wake up (:' 'do you need a ride to your addition?' Crap! What so I say. 'Nope I got it covered (: x' that should be okay. I gabled my bag and walked out the door. Harry was waiting for me playing with his hair. I remember when I used to do that.

"Ready?" He smiled.

No, not at all. "Um yeah" I smiled back.

He had the same car he did last summer the Adi8. We hoped in and went on our way. I looked at Harry and he opened his mouth like he was about to say something. Then my phone started ringing, it was Andrew.

Harry looked at me with those beautiful green eyes. I answered the phone. Still looking at Harry.

"Hey babe" I said. Harry's eyes got darker, I looked away.

"Yeah I was just worried. Erin called and told me you got hurt!" Andrew said.

"Oh I'm fine, just a little cut. I'm tough as a rock" I said looking out the window.

"Are you sure babe, do you want me to come over after the audition?" He asked.

"No I'm going to hang out with my I mean the guys today, remember?" I said looking at Harry. He just smiled but the grip on his stirring wheel was tight.

"No I don't but have fun." He said coldly. Then he hung up, I rolled my eyes and Harry saw.

"He seems like a great boyfriend." Harry said.

"He's not my boyfriend " I said

"Then what is he?"

"He's's complicated. And none of your business!" I yelled

"Gosh just asking." He said "no need to get you bisect in a twist" he laughed.

I giggled while looking at him. We are here at the audition, it was a small audition for a movie. I was auditioning to play Juliet in Williams Shakespeare's: Romeo and Juliet. I was really nervous bitting my lip.

Harry grabbed my hand and smiled. "You will do amazing like always"

I was startled then I relaxed and smiled at him. "You said that last time"

"And you got the part! You were great in the film." He said

"I didn't know you watched it?"

"Of course I did, why wouldn't I?"

I squeezed his hand and opened the car door. "You don't have to come it. I'll call you when I'm done."

"Okay um give me your phone so I can put my number in"
He said.

I gave him my phone, he put his number in then have it back. "I won't take that long. Don't go that far okay?"

He smiled and nodded. I walked to the doors of the building and turned around to see him drive off.

Harry's POV

While I drove off I thought about what are we going to do today. Maybe we can go to the pier. She has always loved the pier and so does the lads. I texted Nail.

'Hey how does the pier sound today withe the girls?'
He texted back 'yeah sounds like a plan'

Great! Today should be great. Other than I can't hold her or kiss her when ever I want. She has a boyfriend or want ever she calls him. I don't even know his name and I don't care, she's mine not his.

I pulled up at a park, it was empty for a Friday after noon. I was lost in thought when I herd screaming girls coming for me. I took pictures with them, signed a couple of things then I was on my way. It was 9:45 when Vere called me to pick her up. When I was driving I noticed a car was following me. Paparazzi! I texted Vere to meet me out back. She understood and replyed okay. When I pulled up in the back of the building I thought I lost them. Vere was walking to the car then flashing light were every where. She ran to he far with her head down, and I drove off quickly. I hope her complicated boyfriend sees those photos.

Vere's POV

"Step on it babe!" I yelled

He drove off fast. I didn't mean to call him babe, old habits due hard. I hope he didn't notice. After awhile of silence Harry asked "babe Hu? I like the sound of that love." He had a devious smile of his face.

" are you talking about?" I was trying to play it cool as best as I can.

"Mhhmmm" he laughed. I smiled then started to laugh.

"Sorry old habit!" I smiled

"It's okay! I for give you" he winked. I nudged him. "So how did the audition go?" He asked.

"It went really good! But I don't know." I said

"Don't sweat it , love." He smiled.

We got to the apartment thinking nothing of it, I invited Harry up stairs. We got up stairs and went to my room. He sat down on my bed and looked around. I walked towards him.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Nothing has changed. Everything is exactly the same, except you have more clothes!" He laughed.

I sat down next to him taking off my boots. When I looked up Harry was a inch away from my face. I felt his breath of my skin. I looked down at his lips. He leaned closer in, our noses touching. One hand on my check and the other on my waist.

"Harry I-" just then he crashed his lips to mine.

Our lips moved in sync. It soon went to pecking to a intense make out. My hands in his hair and his pulling me closer to his body. He pushed me down and got on top of me pulling my shirt up. I put my hands above my head to allow him to pull my shirt off. I wrapped my legs around his hips. His lips went to my lips, chin then neck. I let out a moan. I pulled off his shirt I broke the kissing to look at his body. I bit my bottom lip. He laughed then went for more. He out his tongue inside my mouth. Our tongues fought for domination. His won like always. I've missed the taste of his lips. He bit my bottom lip and let out a little moan. *bang bang* the sound alerted me what I was doing. I pushed Harry off of me and put my shirt back on.

Harry looked confused. "Put you shirt back on and fix your hair" I whispered. He did what he was told.

Deija was the one banging on the door. "The walls aren't sound proof you know." She said with a serious face. "Adrianna's her and so Eleanor and the boys"

"Okay we will be out in a sec" I told her. I closed the door and tired to Harry. "Don't tell no one, that was a one time thing." I said. He looked disappointed but did a little smiles me nod for a agreement.

We walked into the living room and everyone is there but there was a guy I recognized. He was good looking. Blonde short hair blue eyes and about my height . He was talking to Vere then saw me. He came up to me with his hand for a shake.

"Hey I'm Andrew, Vere's boyfriend"
He smiled.
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