Love I never forgot

Vere and Deija has finished their Sophmore year of college. They were going to hang out with friends and chill this summer. But when an unexpected visiter shows up the stressful free summer is a no go. Vere has to choose between her current relationship or the love she never forgot. Harry Styles. Naill has his heart set out for one of Vere's friends. Adrianna, who is quit not over her ex. Will history repeat itself ? (R)


3. Didn't know you were here so soon

Vere's POV

Before Deija and Adrianna got up I volunteered to throw away the napkins. I'm glad Dri (Adrianna) is feeling better. After I throw the napkins away I turned to leave but I felt someone grap my wrist.
I turned around quickly. My eyes meet to warm crystal blue eyes.

"Naill!" I wrapped my arms arond his neck and squeezed tight.

"Um..Vere..I. Can't. Breath."

"Oh my gosh. Sorry Naill, I'm just so happy to see you! Your no support to be here for another week!"

"Yeah I know, but the lads and I wanted to relaxed and enjoy Cali for a bit before the paparazzi can get a hold of us"

I hold my breath when he said 'the lads and I' " are all of you here?" Trying to sound nonchalant.

"Yup the whole gang!" Naill turns around then faces me. "Here they come now" In a adorable Irish accent.

I looked behind him. There they were, there he was with his beautiful green eyes and bouncy curls.

Deijas POV

I wonder wants taking Vere long. Knowing her she probably spilled someone's drink and is trying to pick it up for them. She is so clumsy like that.

"We should look what's taking Vere so long? She probably spilled someone's drink all over them" Adrianna said. It was like she read my mind.

We got up and started walking to the trash can and saw a train reck about to happen. Vere was talking to our boys from last summer. Me and Adrianna looked at each other then ran by her side. Vere gave me the get-me-out-of-here look while bitting her bottom lip. I understood perfectly, so did Adrianna.

Vere's POV

I was lost in my mind. Butterfly's were in my stomach but I felt like puking at the same time. Deija of course kept the conversation going, she's really good at that. I gave all the boys hugs and kisses on the check. When it was time to give Harry one he nearly put his hands on me and he kissed me on the corner of my mouth. I blushed.

" Sorry Vere" Harry said in his deep husky British accent. I almost melted in my knees.

"0h I-"

" So what are you guys up too?" I'm so glad I have Deija right now.

"Well, I was about to ask you guys if you gals would want to have a catch up day?" Liam asked.
"So what you say?" Louis asked all cheery. "Eleanor is here too, she's shopping at the moment."

Harry looked up at me with his hands in his front pocket.
I gave Harry a little smile, then looked at at Louis.
"That sounds great! What time?"

"Around 9ish, I'll text you the details" said Naill.

"Oh I have a audition at 9 so can we do it like at 11ish?" I said.
They all nodded. Me and Naill exchange phone numbers. We said our good byes and left. All I wanted was to go to back to last summer.

Adrianna's POV

Holy shit! Was all I saying in my head. I can't imagine what Vere is feeling right now. I was lost in thought until a beautiful blonde blue eyed Irish boy caught my eye. I remember OneDirection in high school. Vere and I were big time Directioners, besides that I couldn't stop thinking about him.

"oh yeahh" Naill, that's his name I remember now.

"Did you say something? Helloo" Deija wave her hand in front of my face.

"Hu? Oh nothing why?" I lied.

We were walking back to the Erin and Andrew on the beach. Vere looked pretty shaken up. I just hold her hand.

"Everything is going to be alright" I said to her with a smile. She returned the smile back.
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