Love I never forgot

Vere and Deija has finished their Sophmore year of college. They were going to hang out with friends and chill this summer. But when an unexpected visiter shows up the stressful free summer is a no go. Vere has to choose between her current relationship or the love she never forgot. Harry Styles. Naill has his heart set out for one of Vere's friends. Adrianna, who is quit not over her ex. Will history repeat itself ? (R)


2. Beach Day!

We finally arrived at 9am. We got our tout bags and headed towards the stunning beach. It was sunny out today, thank god.

"Do you see the guys or Adrianna anywhere?" I asked.

"Nope I'm a text Erin rig-" she got cut off when we heard a familiar voice calling our names.

It was Andrew. "Vere! Deija! Over here !" He was waving at us. Him and Erin already had everything setup. The towels and umbrella, by a put out bon-fire.

"We brought food! Well snacks I guess?" Deija said then giving Erin a kiss of the check.

"Thanks babe" Erin said back with a kiss as well.

"Hi baby" Andrew said leaning in for a kiss, I allowed his lips I crush in to mine. "Hey there" I said with a smile.

"Adrianna is going to meet us here in a few. It that cool?"

"Um... Yeah sure." He said with a unsure face.

"What is it ?" I asked.

"We'll it just um.. I invited Kevin because he had nothing to do today."

"Well today is going to be more interesting then I thought!" I laughed. He put his arm around my waist and we walked back with Deija and Erin.

About 15mins later Adrianna showed up. Me and Adrianna used to cheer together in high school. She graduated one year before me and Deija so she has been in California for 3 years. We were all about to go for a dip when we herd Kevin's voice yelling out to us to wait up. We were all laughing but right when Adrianna and Kevin saw each other the laughter quickly faded away.

Adrianna's POV

When I saw Kevin the first thing I thought was this a joke? When I realized no one was laughing any more, I got irritated.

"What the hell is he doing here?!" I yelled to Vere. She was hitting her lip like she always does when she gets nervous.

"I invited him." Andrew said to me without hesitation. I never really like Andrew after all he was half of the reason why Harry and Vere broke up.

I looked at Vere. She looked worried and ran to my side. She gave Deija the come-here look and Deijacame right by our side.

"We are going to go get ice cream. We will be back in a few." Vere said.

Vere has always known ice cream makes me feels better. She is one of my best friends. The guys just nodded. Deija had her arm around mine while Vere was rubbing my back, walking off.

After we got our ice cream and sat down. I was so irritated and it really does hurt to see Kevin again after a month.

"I just can't face his and pretend I don't have any feels for him anymore. I just can't." Tears were striking down my face.

"You won have to. I just texted Erin to ask him to leave. By the looks of it Kevin is pretty shaking up see you again too." Deija said with sympathy in here eyes.

"See, so don't sweat it. You don't have to cross that bridge until your ready." Vere said with a little sympathy smile. She kissed my check. "Ready?"

"Ready as I'll ever be!" We all laughed and got up to through our napkins away.
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