Love I never forgot

Vere and Deija has finished their Sophmore year of college. They were going to hang out with friends and chill this summer. But when an unexpected visiter shows up the stressful free summer is a no go. Vere has to choose between her current relationship or the love she never forgot. Harry Styles. Naill has his heart set out for one of Vere's friends. Adrianna, who is quit not over her ex. Will history repeat itself ? (R)


1. Beach and music memory

Vere's POV

"Deija wake up! It's the the first day of summer!" I yelled at Deija, trying to wake her up. She is not really a morning person.

"Really Vere, really?" She said with her dark piercing brown.

Her tight curls were all over the place, coming out on every side of her head. I just smirked and kissed her forehead. "Come on, we're going to the beach today with Erin and Andrew!"

Just then her smile was bigger than life. I knew if I mention Erin's name she would get right out of bed. She jump out of bed and went to wash her face. She has a thing with Erin. Andrews and Is' relationship is complicated. Today is going to be a fun day.

Deija's POV

When I herd Erin's name I knew it was going to be a good day. I like Erin, better than that jerk Jose. I washed my face, put up my hair up and put on a little foundation on and mascara with eye. I put in my purple striped bikini and a gray tank top with white shorts. I'm so exited for this summer, I have a feeling it's going to be the best one yet.

"Deijaa! Are you ready yet?"

"Yeah just a sec!" I took one last look and went to the living room. Vere was there on her phone probably texting Andrew or twitter. She had a lot of followers and publicity since she was in that movie last fall. She was wearing her strapless soft pink bikini and a blue spaghetti strapped cover up. Her hair was up in a messy cute bun with little curls falling out with a little mascara. She never really had to try that much.

"Vere are you ready?" I asked leaning against the bathroom door way.

"Yeah, Adriana is going to meet us there?" She said it with a smile.

In the car all we herd was Justin Bieber, Cher Lloyd, and Drake. I remember when all she listen to was OneDirection, that stopped a while back. She never did tell me what happen between her and that Harry guy. Doesn't matter now, she is with Andrew or what she calls a complicated relationship. To me that is all bullshit, she likes him but she just won't amitt it to herself.

Vere's POV

I love music as much as I love acting. On the way to the beach me and Deija were jamming out to Justin Bieber, Cher Lloyd, and Drake on pandora. Just about 3/4th to the beach there was a cameral about OneDirection coming to the MTV Awards. I got a lump in my throat. I tighten my grip in the steering wheel. Deija looked at me and then just started singing to the song that came on after that. The rest of the way to the beach was awkward.

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