One Love

My story called "One Love" has many twists and turns in it and a little action packed with love. My fanfics are about Justin Bieber


2. This... Now That

(Justin's POV)


What the heck was going on?!? I puke twice the first night of tour!? This is terrible! The BELIEVE Tour starts in 4 hours and there already fans that have been outside for hours!

I came back out onstage and everyone looked worried. My mom came running up to me,"Hunny, are you alright?" she asked worriedly.

"Ya mom I'm fine." I lied.

"I'm so sorry I was late, there were some beliebers out there who stopped me. But Ryan told me what happened." she said.

"Ya mom I'm feeling a lot better now." I reassured her.

But I was still feeling awful, but I couldn't let everyone know. I could see Scooter over there sweating and he looked really nervous. "OK everyone from the top... Again!"

But within 30 seconds of the song everything stopped and turned black. I could see or hear no one. What was happening now?!?!

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