You Belong With Me

An ordinary 17 year old girl named Skylar Rose, has never thought about meeting her idol, Harry Styles. Until... One day at school... Thats exactly what happens, but then something terrible happens to both Skylar and Harry, and everything is out of sorts. however, because of that Harry can't perform, and Skylar's failing her final high school exam thinking about it...


2. The Beginning



The Beginning


I was dreaming about Harry. What my life would be if we got married, it was perfect, we were walking around some kind of a park... We were talking awkwardly, because I was still with Logan. He was talking about what happens when him and the boys are on tour... All of a sudden I got a text... From Logan, 

"Hey, Skylar, I'm really sorry, but I'm breaking up with you..." 

My jaw dropped. Why was he breaking up with me?! What did I do?! I started clenching my fists, Harry must have noticed and asked what was wrong.

"Hey, what's wrong?" 

"N-n-nothing. I'm fine... Really. Can we please just keep walking?"

He went back to face the pathway a bit disappointed, I really didn't care though.My boyfriend just broke up with me. Memories of us together started flashing in my mind, I tried to stop them, but they would come back stronger. I screamed and Harry grabbed me, making sure I didn't fall.

"What was that all about?!" He asked, worried.

"um... Logan... He just broke up with me..." I said between sobs.

Harry turned around and all I could hear was a 'yes!' but that couldn't have been him. When he finally turned back to me, he had a smirk on his face... 

"Harry?" I asked

He was leaning in... Closer... Closer... Closer... "BEEP BEEP BEEP!" 

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