You Belong With Me

An ordinary 17 year old girl named Skylar Rose, has never thought about meeting her idol, Harry Styles. Until... One day at school... Thats exactly what happens, but then something terrible happens to both Skylar and Harry, and everything is out of sorts. however, because of that Harry can't perform, and Skylar's failing her final high school exam thinking about it...


4. Snow Day

Chapter 4

Snow Day

I awoke the next morning and turned on my flat screen T.V. I already had the news on, so I decided to see if there was anything important before I got ready for school. After about 5 minutes I was about to turn around to get ready when I heard

"for all High schools in LA, it will be a snow day, and no students are to attend the schools. However, the principal of one school... 'WestView Secondary' has been in a terrible car accident, and the students of that school won't be attending school for about 1 week. Thanks, Carl, Your report on that animal hospital?" I turned down the T.V. and thought 'wow... Snow Day... Snow Day?! SNOW DAY!!!' That's when Harry came into my mind. Should I call him? Maybe we could hangout today! But, I think I should get ready first, just in case. I get ready in an outfit that would be perfect for ANYTHING Harry might want to do. Even if he doesn't want to do anything and he can't hangout, I've got my annoying brother I can pelt snow at. So really, anything works for today. I pull out my phone and dial Harry's number. It rings a few times, but he eventually answers.

"Hello?" Harry asks.

"Harry, It's me, Skylar. Harry gasps.

"SKYLAR! I never thought you'd actually CALL me!"

"well I did, and I am. So, would you want to hangout at my place today? maybe throw snowballs at eachother?"

"YES!!! I mean... Yeah, I'd love to. So what's your address and I'll be there anytime!"

I told him my address and he said he'll be there ASAP. So I decided to go alittle over board and set candles up in my room. Nothing wrong with making your room smell good. Even though it's good already. I heard a knock on our front door. Probably Harry. I bolted down stairs and opened the door. Striking a very unnatural pose, earning a laugh from Harry. 

"So. Skylar-"

"You can call me Sky." 

Harry smiled and continued "So. Skylar... what's your room look like?" 

"You want to see my room? It's really big, and... Well... My whole house is big."

"how big? Just where I'm standing is MASSIVE! Can a house really be any BIGGER?!"

"uh, yeah." I grabbed his hand, and he smirked. I took him up the stairs, and into my room.

"WOW! HOLY COWCAKES!YOUR ROOM IS HUGE!" I smiled and told him to meet me outside. He agreed and I bolted downstairs and outside. While I got a really big snowball ready I could hear him running downstairs. When I saw a bit of his hair I through the snowball and it hit RIGHT on his face.

"Haha, oopsies?" 

"ohhhhhh you're gonna pay for that! Because of you half my face is NUMB!"

I laughed so hard, and Harry tackled me, landing on the cold snow, and he looked straight in my eyes. I could tell what he was going to do next... He slowly started leaning in, and I couldn't wait, I kissed him. I seemed to have lasted forever, but it was magical. 

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