You Belong With Me

An ordinary 17 year old girl named Skylar Rose, has never thought about meeting her idol, Harry Styles. Until... One day at school... Thats exactly what happens, but then something terrible happens to both Skylar and Harry, and everything is out of sorts. however, because of that Harry can't perform, and Skylar's failing her final high school exam thinking about it...


3. School Troubles

Chapter 3

School Troubles

*BEEP BEEP BEEP* My alarm clock... I forgot I set it to 7:00am, I have school today. I can't wait to see what my dad has to teach today... He teaches the hardest math, but makes it seem so... So easy. If anyone fails his classes, they won't pass anything. 

I get up out of bed, I'm wearing my light blue silk pajamas, and my hair's up in a messy bun. I walk over to my dresser and pick out my Grey skinny jeans, with a white strapped undershirt, and a flower pattern crop top. I put my grey skinny jeans on first, then I put on my white undershirt, and over top of that, I put on my flower pattern crop top. It was my prettiest outfit, and I loved wearing it. I slowly walk over to my bathroom and got out my makeup. I don't really wear too much, I just put on mascara, concealer, and  liquid eyeliner on the top only. I don't wear eye shadow. However, if I do, I just put on golden eye shadow. I like to go for more of a natural look. I put my makeup away and get out my toothbrush, I brush my teeth for about... 2-3 mins. I walk out of my bathroom and down into the kitchen, the smell of eggs and bacon making me hungry.

As soon as I finish eating, I go to our front door and put on my black leather heeled boots. They match perfectly with my outift. I say bye to my mom. Dad's already at school. So I leave and walk to school. I cross paths with my older friend, Nicky.

"What do you want Nicky?"

"mmm, I don't want anything. I just wanted to say... Logan is a great kisser" She winked at me then walked away. What the heck was her problem?Was Logan cheating on me?

I got to school and walked through the halls to my locker, I opened my locker and saw a note... It read

"Hey Skylar, I'm sorry, but Nicki is a way better kisser than you. I'm breaking up with you, and going out with her. bye... FOREVER. :)"

what... Was Logan really doing this? I walked to the whole other side of the hall to where he stood. With Nicki.

"Logan! What the hell?" 

"Ohhhh... Sky... You know how awkward we were. Now you can go out with whats his name. Harry?"

"Logan. Harry's famous. I'll never have a chance with him! You know that!"

"Listen... Sky-"

"DON'T call my sky anymore."

"Ok... Skylar... You're beautiful. Harry will TOTALLY fall for you. I did you a favour breaking up with you. Get over it!"

"Fine! You want me to get over it?" I ran up to Logan and started attaching him. He grabbed my wrists to stop me, but I was stronger than him. I continued attacking him. Someone come up behind me and held me close... He had curly hair... Really curly hair... I turned around and looked at him... I couldn't really see who he was exactly, because I was crying, my vision was blurry. 

"What's going on?!" He asked in a British accent. 

"N-n-nothing. He just broke up with me. Not that you would care"

"Actually I think I do care."

"well you're late." I ran out of his embrace, and into the washroom. I could tell I didn't hurt Logan. He was just surprised, but who was the guy? Curly hair... British accent... Seemed like Harry. But 1D was on the Ellen show in LA... My school is on the other side of LA. I walked out of the washroom when I was done crying.I when up to that... That man. It was. It was Harry.

"H-H-Harry? Harry Styles?"

"Uh, yeah..I'm Harry!"

"OMG! Can I please have a hug?!"

"YES! I mean... Sure..." I ran into Harry's arms and he hugged me. He was exactly what every Directioner thinks he's like. He was BETTER!

"Thanks Harry.."

"No problem! Here." He handed me his phone number. "Call me soon! Bye love!"

That was the start of my semi-amazing day! Except for the one part... When my dad pulled me aside during math class and asked what happened...

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