You Belong With Me

An ordinary 17 year old girl named Skylar Rose, has never thought about meeting her idol, Harry Styles. Until... One day at school... Thats exactly what happens, but then something terrible happens to both Skylar and Harry, and everything is out of sorts. however, because of that Harry can't perform, and Skylar's failing her final high school exam thinking about it...


5. 1 Brit, 1 Irishman, 2 Americans




I don't know how long the kiss lasted, but it seemed like a long time. I could feel Harry smirk into the kiss, and that make me smile. All of a sudden, I heard my dad

"Skylar! I'm home!" Shoot...

"Ok dad! Be right there!" I gave Harry a look and we both got up. I dragged him upstairs into my room and told him to wait one minute. I went downstairs and gave my dad a hug then ran straight back upstairs, and back into my room. Harry was sitting on my bed, texting someone.

"Whatcha doin' Hazza?" I ask laughing

"Oh nothing, just texting the boys', telling them I forgot my keys IN the hotel. They said I'll have to stay somewhere, my old mates house is a couple roads down, and I'll have to stay there until tomorrow."

"wait, you used to live HERE?"I asked. He was confusing me, or I was just confused over how he explained it all...

"nonono, my friend used to live back in Cheshire with me."

"ohhhhhh.... That makes ALOT more sense now!"We both laughed. Gosh, how could he be so.... Flawless?! He was.... He was perfect.

I didn't realize how long I was fantasizing over this boy, so he was staring at me, like I was dead. Oh no.

"You ok?" Harry asked. Yeah, I was right, he probably did think I was dead or something. 

"Yeah, I'm fine, you know, you could stay here, at my house if you'd like..."

"really?! Thanks, that would really mean alot. I'll just text the boys and tell them!"

"Ok Harry, now I'll go downstairs and tell my dad you'll stay in the guest room, and I'll get some snacks aswell"

"ok thanks"  He said, glaring right into my eyes. Jeez, he could really kill you.

I walked slowly downstairs, I still hadn't processed how I had actually kissed Harry Styles, and now he was staying overnight, in the room next to mine... Oh, I need to tell my best friend, Alexandra, well, I call her Acacia because it's her middle name, and I really like it. (not Acacia Brinley) , other people call her Alex. I'm the only acception for calling her Acacia. She loves Niall, and if Harry and I work out, I'm gonna try and set them up. 

I finally got to the bottom of the stairs, and I walked over to my dad.

"Hey dad, I've got a friend sleeping over, his names Harry, and he forgot his key's at his ban- his mom's house" I had to cover up revealing to my dad that Harry was famous. Not that cared, but my dad might get the wrong picture.

"Ok hun, just show him the guest room and it's all set!"

"ok thanks dad!" He nodded and I walked over to the fridge to get some snacks, I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and dialed Acacia's number. She answered on the first ring.

"heyyyyyyyyy" She said, attempting to be funny.

"Hey Acash, I just thought I'd tell you that um... Logan broke up with me"


"Yeah, but the good news is... I MET HARRY STYLES AND HE KISSED ME, AND HE'S STAY OVERNIGHT! AHHHHHHH!" I screamed into the phone alittle too loud hoping Harry didn't hear me.

"WHAT?! Can I come?!"

"yeah, I'll just go tell Harry that you're coming"

"ok thank you Skyyyyyyyy!!!" Then she screamed and hung up.

I grabbed the snacks and walked upstairs. Harry was there talking on his phone, smiling.

"Yeah man, yeah, yeah, no, I totally understand! That would be awesome! So that's her address, be here at around 5pm tonight, and we'll surprise her. Yeah, no not scare her, just like a birthday surprise. Just don't bring Louis, or Zayn, they'd turn it into a party- No- no, Don't bring Liam either. He wouldn't agree with me staying here tonight, let alone having you come. Yeah Niall, just you. K mate- bye. See you later." Harry hung up so I walked in.

"Guess what!" I said

"What?" Harry replied, getting excited for what I'll say.

"My best friend, Acacia- I mean, Alexandra is coming over! And she adores you guys- well, Niall mostly."

Harry smiled and said, "Well, she'll be happy!"

Then I heard a familiar knock on the door, "ACACIA!" I screamed and ran to the door. I opened it and she screamed when she saw Harry, she ran up to him and hugged him. We sat down on my bed upstairs, and we talked and talked and talked, until Harry got a text, and ran downstairs. I heard some accents, Acacia and I just talked.

I turned my head to my door, and they they stood. Harry and Niall. Smiling like idiots.



(A/N, I'm SO sorry I haven't updated! I've been so busy, and I've been trying to plan out the next 5 chapters or so. I hope you like this chapter, and from this chapter on, It'll just be getting better and better and better! So if you're a new reader, Favourite this story, and I wont disappoint you! (sorry if some of you are american or what not and are looking at my spelling like "what the heck?!" I'm Canadian, so some words are different. So yeah, Likey like, and favourite this story, and It'll just be like a never ending amazing story bomb that keeps going off every time I update! And, for a good start to this new year, I'm going to try and update ASAP! Thanks for reading! Love you all! //~ Danny <3)
















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