Falling For The Wrong Guy

"Falling For The Wrong Guy" is a fun and easy twist to the original fanfictions. If you are looking for a romance, this is just what you will find :) Join Justin Bieber and Violet on a journey of a romance you will never forget!


4. Want Him Back (Violet's POV)

I spent the night crying. Not even because of Sean, but Justin. He was absolutely perfect and I just left! His hand in mine made me feel like I was actually loved, and I walked away, maybe from someone who could've changed my whole life, but how was I to know now. I cried until my eyes swelled shut and I slept. I woke and looked in the mirror and my eyes were all puffy so I washed my face and put a little mascara on. It's Saturday so I just put on a comfy sweater and yoga pants. I turned the TV on to the morning news, I was about to change it when there was a photo of Justin Bieber. I leaned in closer listening. "After Justin's break up with Selena Gomez about two weeks ago, Bieber is at it again with a new 'girlfriend', what we wonder is who is this mystery girl. She was seen walking into a restaurant with Justin and sitting with him at a table. Reporters say they were there for a good 2 and 1/2 hours..." Oh my gosh! I started thinking. "Hopefully we will get more information about this mystery girl, but who knows if we will eve see her face again..." They flashed a picture of me on the screen laughing with Justin. I flipped the TV off instantly. HOW THE HECK!!!! I was wondering how could I be stupid enough to not realize it was Justin Bieber and second of all WHY ME! Why would he even speak to me. Flash backs of me loving Justin when I was younger went through my mind. I still couldn't believe it, not even one bit. I turned the TV on and switched to numerous channels, but they were all about me!!!!!! I was freaking out and in the middle of it my boss called me, "VIOLET!" "What?" I replied worried she knew it was me or that I would be in trouble. "THANK GOODNESS YOU ANSWERED, I NEED YOU TO COME IN RIGHT AWAY FOR WORK! WE HAVE SO MANY PEOPLE HERE TODAY! Ill pay you extra for coming in today!" Phew,"Okay I'll be right in boss." I hung up and got my work clothes on, this would at least get my mind off of Justin, or at least I hope.
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